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Fearless Forecast for the 2009 NFL Season


The 2009-10 NFL season kicks off Thursday, September 10th as the Tennessee Titans visit the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers in Pittsburgh. 
There are of course a countless number of questions heading into the season. Among them… 

  • Can the Steelers repeat as champs?
  • Will Tom Brady regain his form and lead the Patriots back to the playoffs?
  • Are the Cardinals, Falcons & Dolphins for real?
  • How many games will it be before Terrell Owens implodes and wreaks dysfunction on yet another NFL franchise?
  • What impact, if any, will Michael Vick have on the Eagles?
  • Will Brett Favre lead the Vikings to the Promised Land? Or the Backstreets? Or some other Bruce Springsteen song?
  • What kind of cheese will Packers fans pelt him with when the Vikings visit Lambeau? I’m thinking either Gouda or Muenster. No, not cheddar. They won’t waste the good stuff on him.

One of the all-time great thinkers Casey Stengel once said: “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” 
Well, forgive me Casey. Here are my picks for the forthcoming season: 
NFC East: Giants 
NFC North: Vikings 
NFC South: Panthers 
NFC West: Niners 
NFC Wild Cards: Eagles, Packers 
AFC East: Patriots 
AFC North: Ravens 
AFC South: Titans 
AFC West: Chargers 
AFC Wild Cards: Steelers, Texans 
NFC Champ: Vikings 
AFC Champ: Titans 
Super Bowl Champ: Titans  
The ONLY sure thing you can bank on is that over 50% of the above selections will be completely wrong.

Now, as for my thoughts on the Eagles.  

Before I get to that, I want to give you a heads up on come exciting things to look forward to on Philly2Philly.com and the upcoming Eagles season.  

First, we have Mark Eckel, who has covered the Eagles for a quarter of a century, written for Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News and won countless awards. Nuff said. 

Next we have Frank LeMaster. Yeah, the same Frank LeMaster who was a mainstay on those great Eagles teams in 70s/early 80s. Frank’s going to be sharing his thoughts on each game – both before AND after. There’s nothing like getting it from someone who actually played the game. 

And last and certainly least, there’s The Morning After (TMA), my irreverent, tongue-in-cheek and hopefully humorous take on each and every Eagles game.  

Of course there will be whole lot more than this when it comes to the Eagles and the coverage you’ll get on Philly2Philly.com. I just wanted to share a few of the things you can expect to see. 

Ok, enough of that… here’s how I see the Eagles season breaking down.  

Week 1 @Carolina – Loss

Week 2 Saints – Win

Week 3 Chiefs – Win

Week 4 – Bye

Week 5 Bucs –Win

Week 6 @Raiders – Win

Week 7 @Redskins – Loss

Week 8 Giants – Loss

Week 9 Cowboys – Win

Week 10 @Chargers – Loss

Week 11 @Bears – Loss

Week 12 Redskins – Win

Week 13 @Falcons – Loss

Week 14 @Giants – Win

Week 15 Niners – Win

Week 16 Broncos – Win

Week 17 @Cowboys – Loss  

If my math is correct that brings us to a 9-7 record for your Philadelphia Eagles for the 2009-10 season, good enough for a Wild Card berth in the NFC.  

Now, of course, this is the National Football League and these are the Eagles, which means somewhere along the way the Eagles will lose a game they should win and/or win a game they should lose.  

It’s just the nature of the NFL beast. Happens every year.