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Mets gaining on the Phillies with acquisition of Gary Matthews Jr.?


Are the Mets finally gaining on the Phillies now that they have acquired Gary Matthews Jr.? Gary Matthews Jr.

Not quite. In fact, not at all.

The Phillies have three All-star outfielders in Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, and Raul Ibanez.

The Mets meanwhile acquired a career .258 hitter, who had his best season when he was on the juice.  His best season mind you, wasn't even that great.

He hit .313 with 19 homers and 79 RBI in 2006, which is a decent  year for any quality outfielder and a below-average year for any elite outfielder.  Sure, the average was good, but other than even his best season was nothing special.

After he got his big contract, Sarge's son regressed and hit .252, .242, and .252 respectively.

Matthews is a mediocre player on a mediocre Mets team, so he fits in quite well.