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Brett Favre may really mean it this time with retirement talk


Brett Favre may not be kidding this time when he says he may not play again.favre

The NFL's answer to Nolan Ryan, Walter Johnson, Gordy Howe, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may finally be hanging them up.  Retirement and Brett Favre are three words that conjure up a laugh when you mention them.

Favre is the boy who cried wolf.  He told the Packers he was done then he ended up on the Jets. 

When he staggered to the finish line in a disappointing 2008 campaign he said he was retiring again.

And, then he and the Vikings flirted over the course of four months and low and behold, he was in purple and gold.

After a magical season this year it appeared that Favre had found the magic elixir.  At one point he had over 20 TDs to just 2 INTs.  Could it be that he would walk away from the game like John Elway did 11 years ago?

But, when watching the game yesterday it appeared that Favre has finally become mortal.  It's a young man's game and he has defied all odds by hanging in there as long as he has.  He took some serious shots in the game and really had a tough time getting up and making a go of it. 

Body language says a lot about a player and looking at his body language after that enormous blow, revealed a man who was beaten down and broken. Sure, he kept the team in it and they made it to OT, but he was out of gas.

He might not be kidding this time when he says he'll probably hang 'em up.  What are the odds that he can have the type of season he had this year at the age of 41?

Most importantly, he hasn't suffered a plethora of concussions like Aikman, Young, and Warner.  Don't be shocked to see Brett Favre finally retire for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Finally, to put this into perspective just how long Brett Favre has played, let's think about this. Barry Sanders (a rookie in 1989) was in just his third NFL season when Favre was a rookie.  Barry Sanders was arguably the greatest running back in history and played 10 years. 

Barry Sanders has now been retired for over 11 years.  Now...that's old. 

Favre photo from http://onmilwaukee.com