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Donovan McNabb won't be traded from Eagles to Vikings if Brett Favre retires


There has been a lot of speculation on the internet over the past few days involving Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb.

Will he won't he retire? That is the question that has popped up over the past several years involving Brett Favre? Now more than ever it appears likely that he will leave the game. I happen to think he will.  Here's my take on why Favre will retire.

And, in what is becoming an annual offseason exercise, we in the Philadelphia area have the Donovan McNabb watch.  Will or won't the Eagles trade him? That is now becoming the biggest offseason question.

The rumor mills have been running rampant with speculation that the Vikings would put the full court press on and trade for Donovan McNabb if Brett Favre finally walks away from the game after 19 seasons.

Not to so fast.

Word out of Philly tonight is that McNabb is glad that Andy Reid wants him to stay and McNabb also expects Michael Vick and Brian Westbrook to join him on the Eagles' sideline andy reid and donovan mcnabbnext year.

It's a bold statement from McNabb to say the least, who hasn't been this commital about staying in Philly for quite some time.  We've gotten the perfunctory "I want to retire as an Eagle" statement many times over the past few years, but with this statement he's in effect nipping the trade rumors in the proverbial bud.

610 WIP's Howard Eskin made a great point in regards to McNabb's statement by saying that Andy Reid had to have spoken to McNabb or texted him to reassure him that he'll stay.

Should this be the case, you can expect the Kevin Kolb vs. Donovan McNabb controversy to reverberate throughout the Eagles' fanbase.

Donovan McNabb was already wearing on many fans and so many more are calling for his head after the back-to-back debacles against Dallas.  His pre-game "air guitar" dance in the Wildcard playoff game has become a symbol of the last straw for many.

It doesn't matter what I think or what anybody else thinks because Andy Reid has the final say here.  It's his restaurant, his kitchen, his recipes, and his ingredients.  And this restauranteur wants to have Donovan McNabb running the restaurant for next year-at least.