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Gilbert Arenas locker room gun incident puts NBA in serious trouble


If the NBA didn't have a serious public image issue before, well it sure has one on their hands now.        Gilbert Arenas' days in Washington could be numbered.

Gilbert Arenas has crossed the ultimate line by bringing not just a weapon into a locker room, but three guns!

Is this what the NBA has become-a league which embraces thuggery? Could you imagine this headline in the 1990's?

"Isiah Thomas pulls gun on Dennis Rodman after Pistons loss"

Absolutely not. Thomas and Rodman weren't choir boys, but they understood the game and were respectable teammates. And, they never dishonored the game.

And, they sure as heck weren't criminals.

The NBA should do the following. And if they don't, then their credibility as a professional sport will be finished.

1. They should ban Arenas for life-no questions asked.

2. The Wizards should forfeit their 1st round pick not just this year, but next year.

3. The Wizards should be fined severely-for at least $3 million dollars.

4. The Wizards should turn him over to the authorities and cooperate. 

Then, the NBA has to adopt the Roger Goodell formula and clean house with the thugs and bottom feeders. This business with making players abide by a dress code was a joke. That was nothing more than a bandaid over a severed limb.

Do I think they will do all of the above? Absolutely not.  This IS David Stern we're talking about. You know, the Godfather of a league run amuck.....

Arenas belongs in prison and not on an NBA court or anywhere near an NBA building.  The fact that he hasn't been suspended yet tells you that the NBA is a joke.

The team formerly known as the "Bullets" changed their name due to the crime wave existing in designated areas of DC.

So what happens? One of their own players has now come to represent everything the Wizards wanted to distance themselves from.

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