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Eagles' Dave Spadaro Under Fire for Spitting on Cowboys Star


This item has taken the area by storm today. Of course I'm talking about Eagles' media guru Dave Spadaro, who runs the Eagles' website.

He recently videotaped himself spitting on the star at the Dallas Cowboys' stadium not once, but twice.

Personally, I don't see the big deal in all of this. Sure, Spadaro is an Eagles' employee and they have to project an aura of professionalism. I get all that.

However, Spadaro is more like an "official" fan of the team. He has become a symbol of a "company man" for the fans, and has drawn a lot of ire over the years. The bottom line is that he has always been open about his affinity for the team and that he's still a fan.

Most media people will tell you that they have to lose their objectivity when they raise the pen. Ray Didinger, a life-long Philadelphian is quite adamant about the fact that he has to leave personal feelings out of his analysis. Howard Eskin  is the same way.

While Spadaro is considered a member of the media, he's not a reporter. And, for him to be fired over this incident would be ludicrous. He didn't hurt anybody or cause any financial harm for the team. What he did is what any Eagles fan would do if given the opportunity.

If anything this will be just another thing the national media can use against Philadelphia fans. Add this to the snowballs, tailgating fights, and booing Michael Irvin.