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Philly2Philly.com - NFL Wild Card Playoff Preview


NFL Wild Card Playoffs Previewnfl

New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals - Saturday, January 9, 4:30PM EST
Total Offense Regular Season Rankings
Jets - 20th
Bengals - 24th

Total Defense Regular Season Rankings
Jets - 1st
Bengals - 4th

My take: Throw out last week's game. Just throw it out, it's as meaningless as the comments made by Donovan McNabb toward the "youth" of the Eagles. He didn't really mean any of that, right? Oh, wait... The Jets will win behind their very good, very agressive defense. Look for them to blitz Bengals QB Carson Palmer early and often.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys - Saturday, January 9, 8PM ESTdesean jackson
Total Offense Regular Season Rankings
Eagles - 11th
Cowboys - 2nd

Total Defense Regular Season Rankings
Eagles - 12th
Cowboys - 9th

My take:Some are calling this "The end of an era game" in reference to the fact that they think that after this game one era will come to an end - either the Donovan McNabb era in Philly or the Wade Phillips era in Dallas. A team can't beat another team 3 times in one season, can it?

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots- Sunday, January 10, 1PM EST
Total Offense Regular Season Rankings
Ravens - 13th
Patriots - 3rd

Total Defense Regular Season Rankings
Ravens - 3rd
Patriots - 12th

My take:Could this be an end of the era game, too? Could the once mighty Patriots reign be coming to an end, or at least the beginning of the end? The loss of Wes Welker cannot be overstated. He was Tom Brady's safety net and now...?? The Ravens will have enough offense, yes offense, to win. 

Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals- Sunday, January 10, 4:40PM ESTkurt warner
Total Offense Regular Season Rankings
Packers - 6th
Cardinals - 14th

Total Defense Regular Season Rankings
Packers - 2nd
Cardinals - 20th

My take:The Cardinals are arguably the hardest team in the playoffs to figure out. How much does Kurt Warner have left? Will Anquan Boldin play? Who will be this year's Edgerrin James? (if you recall, one of the main reasons the Cards went as far as they did last year was because Edge took the pressure off Kurt and forced teams to bring more in the box to stop the run. But the Edge is long gone...