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The Morning After: Eagles beat Falcons in Battle of the Birds


tmaGood morning campers,

Having written AND sent this to my editor BEFORE the outcome of the Phils game, I trust we are all waking up to a Phils win and a 1-1 NLCS. If not... well, won't be pretty around these parts for sure. 

Let's get to getting...

The hit on DeSean Jackson (resulting in his injury) was brutal, violent and bone crushing... it was also dirty. I realize this aint the ballet and hitting comes with the territory but hitting a prone, defenseless player does NOT come with the territory. 

The Falcons' Dunta Robinson should be suspended and fined for th hit but something tells me he won't be... oh he may get fined but suspended? Probably not...just a hunch.

C'mon, a horse collar tackle called on the QB? Gimme a break.  That was a horrific call and one of many on the day by the Zebras. 

Uncle Mo is of course an homage to Dick Vitale who coined the phrase as a slang for the word "momentum." And at the end of the first half heading into the second half, it sure looked like Uncle Mo was in fact changing hands. 

The Falcons had scored late in the 2Q, then forced the Eagles to punt on the opening series of the 3Q. The Falcons then took possession and were marching toward their 2nd TD but the Eagles D held, holding the Falcons to a FG. 

Not long after of course Jeremy Maclin went 83 yards to the house and Uncle Mo never did change hands. 

Presenting, as a service to my loyal readers, I give you... "Down the Dial"

Each week I'll show you what could have been watching instead of the Eagles. Truth be told, I got 


bored at one point, started surfing and the idea came to me...

In our first installment of Down the Dial we have "In the Arms of a Killer" starring, no not Tori Spelling but Jaclyn Smith along with Michael Nouri of "Flashdance" fame.

The plot: "Jaclyn Smith plays a rookie detective whose homicide investigation is turned up with romance." Not quite sure what means exactly but man does that sound simply thrilling or what? Jackie Smith... Mike Nouri... cops... romance... ooh baby... 



equality, as in amount, status, or character.

That's one definition of parity. Another definition would be the NFC. 

How incredibly weak is the entire NFC this year when one of the supposed better teams, the Falcons, come to town and play that poorly?

How incredibly weak is the entire NFC this year when a Jekyll & Hyde team like the Eagles can be tied for the most wins in the conference?

Face it, the AFC is clearly the better conference this year with teams like the Ravens, Patriots, Steelers, Jets, etc far and away collectively better than anything the NFC can scrape together. 

I was one of those who believed that Kevin Kolb simply did not have what it takes to play QB in the NFL. But I have to admit I am second-guessing myself. 

I realize he's played well against two aforementioned "weak" NFC teams in the Niners and Falcons but the kid has shown some pocket presence that I did not think he possessed. 

He's shown some patience and ability to throw the ball down the field that I did not think he possessed. 

Right now, if Michael Vick is healthy enough to play next week, I think the right move is to stay with Kolb. The kid's playing well and the offense is moving the ball. Obviously going to Nashville will (at least it should) provide a much stiffer test but perhaps that's precisely what Kolb and the Eagles need. 

Well, well, well... seems we do in fact have a Special Teams team...  

Excellent kick coverage AND a great punt return which led to an Eagles touchdown. So from a coverage perspective, this was their best game to date.

However David Akers going 1-4 on FG attempts left a bad taste in my mouth. 

But, I know, I know... he's a veteran, he's David Akers... he'll be back next week. 

Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine. 

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