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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Seahawks In, But No Eagles


Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 7

The Seahawks are in, but the Eagles are still not in Steve O's Top 10...yet.

1. Jets (1) - A win on the road in the NFL is never easy, this side of Buffalo that is... the Jets handled their business beating a depleted yet game Broncos squad in Denver

2. Colts (2) - Did Peyton & Co. play down to their competition or are the Skins pretty good? Hard to say.. After their bye they welcome the Texans to town and will be looking for revenge

3. Steelers (4) - Big Ben is back and the Steelers are firing on all cylinders; a good test this week heading to Miami

4. Patriots (5) - Very tough win against a very tough Ravens team; Moss is out, Branch is in (and back) and things are looking brighter in Foxboro

5. Ravens (3) - The Sacrificial Lambs, er the Buffalo Bills come to town this week... may not be for the faint of heart

6. Saints (9) - Big jump for the champs but a) they looked impressive and b) everyone ahead of them lost

7. Chiefs (6) - despite losing, only drop one place; I think they are for real and should bounce back this week vs. the Jags

8. Titans (N/A) - Vince Young's inability to stay healthy is a concern but this team is playing well right now.

9. Giants (N/A) - The G Men have won 3 in a row and head to Dallas; if anyone tells you they know what will happen in this game, look them straight in the eye and tell them they're an idiot; no one... NO ONE could possibly know what to expect

10. Seahawks (N/A) - They've given up the 5th fewest points to date and they are playing tough and besides that, there ain't nobody else!

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