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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 7


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Week 6 was a good week for Josh and Steve O who led the way with 11 and 10 wins respectively. I continue to stink at picking and wouldn't advise my worst enemy to listen to my advice on picking games. If we're talking about Fantasy Football then I'm in my element. I'm currently leading the league in points in my dynasty auction league and am in second place in my league with my friends from my hometown of Pottstown.

With that out of the way - let's look at the Eagles-Titans matchup. They say you can't really tell how good a team is going to be until after six weeks. I've been lukewarm on the Eagles all season. I like their offense, but was never sold on their defense. However, I was sold after they beat a really good team in the Falcons this past week. That's not a fluke. Nate Allen has been nothing short of spectacular as a rookie and is proving to be a solid replacement for Brian Dawkins. This is a good team and capable of winning the NFC East. I am back on board with Kevin Kolb, who has made serious strides in the past few weeks. I like them this week against the Titans. Look for Nate Allen and Stewart Bradley to bring their A-games against Chris Johnson. Johnson (who helped me and many others win our fantasy leagues last year) isn't having the kind of season he enjoyed last year when he had 2,500 total yards. He is still the best back in the league, but in recent weeks has been held in check. If the Broncos can hold him to 53 yards on 19 carries, then the Eagles can certainly hold him under 100.

Now onto the rest of our NFL Week 7 Grid Iron Picks:

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