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Kenny Britt and San Francisco Giants Give Philadelphia Fans The Weekend From Hell


When it rains it pours in Philadelphia.

This was the weekend in hell for Philly sports fans. First the Phillies embarrassed themselves against the San Francisco Giants in Kenny Britt TDtheir Game 6 loss Saturday night. Philly fans will have nightmares about Cody Ross for quite some time. After today we can add former Rutgers star Kenny Britt to that list who made the Eagles looks like a JV high school squad. Weekends like this make you question whether it's worth it to become emotionally invested in your teams ever again. I found myself dropping more F-bombs during the Phillies' and Eagles' games than a full season's worth of Deadwood episodes these past two days. I myself questioned whether it's really worth it to get so aggravated over these teams.

The Phillies' disgraceful exit from the playoffs can be summed up best by Philly2Philly.com's Joe Vallee who stated, "The big, bad, Phillies- finishing with the best record in baseball for the first time ever, layed an egg whose smell will last the rest of this off-season and probably the beginning of next year." The Phillies' epic collapse to the Giants will go down as one of the ugliest and biggest choke jobs in Philadelphia sports history. In my humble opinion - it ranks up there with "The Debacle" in 2003 when the Eagles laid an egg against the Tampa Bay Bucs in the final game at The Vet.

After last night's horrific loss, Philadelphia sports fans from Lancaster to South Jersey were hoping for a pick-me-up in the form of an Eagles victory against the Tennessee Titans. It certainly seemed possible. The Eagles came into today's game 4-2 and were coming off two solid victories against a desperate 49ers squad and a very good Atlanta Falcons team. Many pundits in fact had the Falcons rated as the best team in the NFC last week prior to their dismantling at the hands of the Eagles. Kevin Kolb, McCoy, Maclin, and the Defense looked like world beaters last week even after DeSean Jackson was knocked out of the game by the controversial hit from cornerback Dunta Robinson.

For three quarters the Eagles played pretty well and looked like a quality NFL team. They were winning 19-10 in the beginning of the 4th quarter following a David Akers field goal.

And, then things took a dramatic turn for the worse...

It was akin to watching a home being eaten by termites and falling to the ground in super-fast-motion. 

First, came Kerry Collins' 80-yard bomb to Kenny Britt, which made it 19-17.

The Eagles promptly went three-and-out and punted it back to the Titans.

Kerry Collins led the Titans down the field again and chucked it to Kenny Britt for 42 yards during a 6-play 46-yard drive. The result was a Rob Bironas field goal. The Titans took the lead at 20-19.

The Eagles then promptly went three-and-out and punted it back to the Titans again.

Kerry Collins led the Titans down the field again and tossed a 16-yard TD to Britt. The score was then 27-19.

The Eagles then promptly went three-and-out and punted it back to the Titans again. Notice a pattern here?

The Eagles finally stopped the Titans, who went three-and-out but Lavelle Hawkins fumbled the punt return. The Titans wound up getting a field goal out of the deal. It was now 30-19 Titans.

The Eagles got the ball back and Kevin Kolb tossed a bad interception to Cortland Finnegan who took it to the house. And, thus we had ourselves quite the blow out. Final score Tennessee 37 - Philadelphia 19.

Kenny Britt had 7 catches for 225 yards and 3 TDs on the day. He had 4 catches for 159 yards and 2 TDs in the 4th quarter alone!

This was like Cody Ross Part II for Philadelphia fans. The only solace we have is knowing the Phillies or the Eagles won't have to face either Ross or Britt until next year. In the Eagles' case they won't have to worry about Kenny Britt for a long time. That's unless the Eagles face the Titans in the Super Bowl, which is unlikely to happen.

Stranger things have happened though. The Flyers came back from 3 games to 0 against the Boston Bruins this past spring and we see how that all worked out.

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