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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Surprise Team At #10 and Falcons Out


No change to the Top 4 but a surprise team at #10. Hint: they don't play on Sundays.

1. Jets (1) - Coming off their bye, they play host to the Packers

2. Colts (2) - Off their bye week, they welcome the Texans and revenge will be on Peyton's mind for sure

3. Steelers (3) - Thought long and hard about moving them up but my rule is you can't lose your spot in the rankings over a bye week.

4. Patriots (4) - Held on to beat the Bolts in San Diego; may face a Favre-less Vikes team this week in Foxboro thanks to Favre's avulsion and stress fracture injuries to his ankle.

5. Chiefs (7) - Beat a bad Jags team; now get to face another bad team as the Bills come to town

6. Ravens (5) - Can't play that close a game, at home, to the Bills; yes they still won but...

7. Titans (8) - Beat a very mediocre/overrated Philadelphia Eagles team... good teams beat those kinds of teams and they did...

8. Giants (9) - Still not sure which Big Blue team will show up from one week to another, but...

9. Seahawks (10) - See Titans re: beating a bad team; they head to Oakland to face the high power, yes high power Raiders

10. Auburn (N/A) - Sorry, but no one else warrants a ranking... spare me the Texans, Bears, Skins, Falcons, etc...

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