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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 8


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Once again yours truly stunk up the joint in Week 7 with 6 wins. Let me be proof that all you have to do is pick against me most of the time and you'll win your office pool. I'm now hovering just 2 games above .500 on the season. One thing I did have in common with the rest of our "experts" is I was dead wrong on the Eagles. I expected them to beat the Titans and they let me down. Maybe Steve O is right and the Eagles are just an mediocre/overrated football team. The Eagles, who have a bye, get a chance to re-group after the 4th quarter meltdown against Kenny Britt and company.

This week everybody loves the Lions against former Eagle Donovan McNabb. McNabb said the Eagles' offense is "ready to explode." Let Ndamukong Suh be the judge of that. And, the Chiefs are getting a lot of love too against the lowly Buffalo Bills.

And, will the Cowboys go 1-6 to start the season? They lost Romo for 6-8 weeks and are on the downward spiral to picking in the top 5 of the NFL draft. Knowing the competitive nature of Jerry Jones - expect a W against the Jaguars.


Now onto the rest of our NFL Week 8 Grid Iron Picks:

Philly2Philly Grid Iron Picks Week 8