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The Morning After- Eagles Lose to the Redskins, but cheer McNabb


Good morning campers,

Trust you all had a great weekend. My wasn't it nice having Donovan McNabb back in Philly... of course there's the obligatory divots that need to be filled following any time #5 plays QB, but I digress.logo

Let's get to getting...


I for one was glad to see and hear those in attendance cheer Donovan rather than boo him during the pre-game introductions. Say what you will about him and his failure to bring home the big one but he gave us 11 pretty solid, entertaining and productive years.

So cheers to the fans who were at the game and I'm thrilled the majority didn't adhere to ridiculous and callous calls for boos coming from local sports radio and in particular one Angelo Cataldi, who once again showed his complete lack of professionalism and decency by imploring fans to boo vociferously on Sunday... all to garner ratings

Damn shame so many folks follow someone like him with complete blind faith. 

I sure as hell didn't want Donovan and the Skins to win and I surely booed him and was against him once the game began but to not even acknowledge all he did for the Eagles franchise is utterly ludicrous and downright ignorant. 


Ok, it's now official... April Showers is now a regular feature of the TMA.

A 51-yard punt return by the Skins to set an early tone... are you kidding me? Yes the Eagles Special Teams "improved" as the game went on but hell they only had one place to go and that was up.

Special Teams Coordinator Bobby April  is not dealing with a full deck for sure but to these very untrained eyes it surely looks like their collective technique is sorely lacking, especially in kick coverage. 

And one last thing on special teams. How fitting was that Danny Smith, arguably the worst special coach ever was in the stadium and the Eagles Special Teams laid an egg?

ZEBRA 3, ZEBRA 3....Starsky and Hutch pictured with Starsky's Gran Torino. Photo: http://www.myzebra3.com/uploads/sh5_1232008100.jpg

Long time readers of the TMA will recognize that headline from previous editions. I've used it in the past to lead into a rant or diatribe on the officials, AKA the Zebras. (It's of course the call sign for Starsky & Hutch's red Gran Torino from the 70's show of the same name).

And after that game, someone should call the police... the REAL police because that officiating crew was, to quote Jackie Chiles... egregious, nefarious and heinous. 

Countless blown calls... countless bad calls... and of course the debacle at the end of the First Half which will be remembered for years to come. 

Those that know me know I am no fan of Andy Reid and will hold back not iota in blasting him on any given occasion but in this case... sorry, can't do it. Troy Aikman nailed it on the head. Nailed it. You cannot start the play clock while the decision as to where to spot the ball is going on. 

And in what is quickly becoming a trend, there was Mike Pereira at the ready to explain just what happened... only this time Mike took a stand; took a side, showed some guts and shockingly (not), defended the officials. 



How many games, how many times have we as Eagles fans looked up and it was the 3rd Quarter and wondered aloud during the Andy Reid era...

"Where's the tight end?" 

Be it LJ Smith or Brent Celek or whomever... happened again yesterday and I simply do not get it. 

Maybe someone smarter than me can explain to me.


Ok, for starters when did Coors become "The Banquet Beer?" and what exactly does that mean, anyway? When I think of a banquet I think of a big room with lots of people eating bad food listening to someone drone on about something or some one or... 

But at least Coors' spots are not as bad as those currently running for ING Direct. Their "Touch the Ball" campaign is arguably one of the worst ad campaigns I have seen in quite some time. 

Take for example this one...



Huh? Hydrangeas... banking... touching a ball...


Of course the best part about these spots is a) someone in some board room actually these were a good idea and b) some agency got paid a shi#load of money to make them.


A live feed can be a dangerous thing...

Did anyone else catch the play in the 3Q when you could hear clear as day one of the players on the field exclaim

AW SHI#!!!!!

I loved it! That's what we need in sports... more profanity!

Reporter: "Coach Reid, what did you think of today's game?"

Reid: "I have to do a goddamn better [bleeping] job of getting our [bleeping] players in better [bleeping] positions. It's my [bleeping] responsibility you [bleeping] [bleep]!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


- Did Trent Cole actually play yesterday? Wasn't he reportedly chomping at the bit to face off against a relatively unknown Redskins Left Tackle? 

- Face it kids, Stewart Bradley does not make THAT much of a difference in the Eagles run defense. Sorry, the guy's a good player but he ain't      Dick Butkus for chrissakes. 

- What the hell was up with the Terry Bradshaw Experience in the Second Half? Dude sounded half asleep as he tried to add commentary to a play. He sounded like he was 3,000 miles away... oh wait. 

- Flying fickle finger of fate or what that Nate Allen intercepted a pass from Donovan McNabb? The Eagles of course used the pick they received from Washington in exchange for McNabb to draft Allen.

- LeSean McCoy is becoming a very special player right before our very eyes. He was clearly the Eagles best player yesterday and is rapidly causing Eagles fans to ask... Brian who?

- Redskins Safety LaRon Landry is a punk with a capital P and a capital UNK... Did he make one tackle yesterday where he DIDN'T stand over the fallen Eagle in a defiant, look-at-me stance? A good player for sure but a punk nevertheless


This was as ugly a game as you'll ever see and as bad as the Eagles played... and they played horribly, they still almost won the game, which should speak volumes about the state of the Redskins.

I will admit I was on the Kevin Kolb bandwagon but no more... not after that performance. The kid's not ready to play at this level and I'm not sure he ever will be.

But I would pose one question to Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Morninwheg.

Under "normal" circumstances when a starting QB goes down and a backup is thrust into action, the playbook gets simplified, shortened, etc., yes?

However in this case, you didn't have "normal" circumstances. You had a QB in Kolb who was slated to be your starting QB, which means you must have created a playbook designed specifically to take advantage of his specific talents, yes? Regardless of what happened with Michael Vick, there must be in some shape or form a whole bunch of Kevin Kolb plays, right?

So my question is where were they?

Surely you know in the NFL you're only one play away from injury... surely you know that if Vick does go down, you must be prepared for any and all contingency plans, correct?

So where were all those Kevin Kolb plays that you designed in the off-season in preparation for the coming season?

Did you leave them in the locker room?

Perhaps some of those Kolb plays were in fact called and for whatever reason he (Kolb) chose not to run them but... ALL of the plays? Sorry, not buying it. 

This was a collective loss at its finest, kids. 

Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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