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Eagles Should Fire Andy Reid to Steal Thunder From Phillies and Roy Halladay


It's been a dirty little secret in these parts for quite some now. Whenever the Phillies dominate the headlines, the Eagles stew like a jealous ex-girlfriend who ends up keying your car. So what is their solution for taking back the headlines? The Eagles orchestrate some grandiose event like trading Donovan McNabb right before the Phillies' season begins. Or, they announce Michael Vick is the starter right when the Philies clinch the division.

The Eagles have got to be in full-blown panic mode now that they are off to yet another mediocre start to the season and Roy Halladay made history last night with his no-hitter. Added to that -dr strangelove they will be without Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy (most likely) this weekend as they face a desperate 49ers team which is 0-4. Banner, Lurie, Reid, and Banner's flunkie Howie Roseman are surely hunkered down in the war room plotting like the powers-to-be in Dr. Strangelove. Well yours truly us more than willing to lend a helping hand and offer ip this idea to the Boston Braintrust: Fire Andy Reid.

Think about it. This would immediately become the Philly sports story of the year. Reid is virtually immune to being fired by the Boston Braintrust. For them to go boldly where they never dared would have us talking football non-stop. Andy Reid, who is the Eagles' winningest coach in franchise history (and it's not even close) is worshipped like a God by Banner and Lurie, which would make this story all the more shocking. I personally don't think it's a good idea to fire a coach mid-stream, but Bill Cowher would be a nice replacement. That's neither here nor there though.

The Eagles have been surpassed and lapped in the race of these two teams. The Phillies are winners, while the Eagles' best years are behind them. The Eagles teams during the Andy Reid-Donovan McNabb era, while successful - will be remembered as the "Poor Man's Buffalo Bills."

Desperate times call for desperate measures as they say. There is no way the Eagles can usurp the Phillies in the headlines during the month of October. Sure, they may try and make a trade to get their name in print. They may even surprise us and win a few games with the inept Kevin Kolb in there at Quarterback. It's highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened. But, it's clear this team is not about to knock on the door for a Super Bowl trophy this year. Not if, but when the Phillies win their next World Series this year they will have lapped the Eagles a few times in the rat race.

It doesn't get much bigger than Roy Halladay's no-hitter last night, but Andy Reid's firing would do the trick. Joe and Jeff need to get on that horn now and make the call to Andy Reid and cut ties with him, or else they will become that forgotten former girlfriend.

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