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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Michael Vick Has Eagles Flying Up Rankings


I have to tell you it is getting harder and harder to do these rankings every week. There are simply no dominant teams this year. Translation: All of these teams are interchangeable.

1. Colts (4) - More has to do with the 3 teams ahead of them all losing than how good they really are.

2. Patriots (6) - Perhaps too big of a leap but that was one very impressive statement they made in going into Pittsburgh and beating the Steelers soundly.

3. Saints (5) - After their bye, they get Reggie Bush back and welcome the Seahawks to town.

4. Eagles (9) - Again perhaps too big of a leap but as I said last week "With Michael Vick under center, this is a completely different & highly dangerous team" ... Just ask the Redskins, the victim's of Michael Vick's 6 Touchdown performance.

5. Steelers (1) - Would not want to be Team #8 this week...

6. Falcons (7) - Impressive win over the Ravens, they head to St. Louis for a not-so-easy game vs. the Rams

7. Ravens (2) - Look for the Ravens to take out their frustrations over losing to the Falcons on the hapless Panthers

8. Giants (3) - Butt ugly loss to the Boys followed by a trip down the NJ Turnpike to try and derail the Vick Express.

9. Raiders (8) - If they go into Pittsburgh and beat a sure-to-be angry Steelers team...

10. Jets (10) - Another overtime win for the J-E-T-S; ugly or not they keep winning.

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