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Philly2philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Raiders Over Eagles in Top 10


Some big jumps and one big drop from Week 8 and once again no love for the Eagles but love for the Black & Silver?

1. Colts (2) - Revenge tasted sweet I'm sure for Peyton & the Boys beating the Texans

2. Patriots (4) - Good, solid win over the Vikes at home; their reward is the Browns this week

3. Steelers (3) - I know the Saints aren't the same Saints this year but they are still the defending SB champs

4. Ravens (6) - A "bad" win over the Bills two weeks ago; the Fish come to town this week

5. Giants (8) - Big jump for Big Blue; at an improving Seahawks (last week notwithstanding) team this week

6. Saints (N/A) - A huge jump for the boys from Nawlens but... they beat a very good team & me thinks they might be ready to go on a roll

7. Chiefs (5) - Struggle at home vs. the Bills? Who do you think you are, the Ravens? Maybe the Bills aren't so bad... hmmmm

8. Jets (1) - Ouch... a large drop for the J-E-T-S but that was nothing short of U-G-L-Y

9. Falcons (N/A) - Yes they are 5-2 but they lost to the Eagles, badly...so how good can they be?

10. Raiders (N/A) - Yeah that's right...I think the Raiders, yes the Raiders are better than the Eagles

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