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The Morning After- Eagles Outlast the Giants


Good morning campers,

Raise your hand if you thought, no hell with that, if you KNEW the Eagles were going to lose last night. Yeah, me too. Obviously something happened on the way to 2nd place in the NFC East.

But let's get get to getting and count The Top 10 Ways We Were Positive The Eagles Were Going To Lose...

#1. Penalties. The Eagles committed 10 penalties including...

#2. Two ridiculous, drive killing infractions by Todd Herremans. Clipping and Chop Blocking. Are you kidding me?

#3. Andy Reid used a timeout with 13 minutes to play in a 1 point game. Normally that's always a recipe for disaster.

#4. The Eagles inability to score touchdowns once in the Red Zone. Another surefire sign of pending doom. 

#5. No consistent pass rush on Eli Manning. Paging Trent Cole...

#6. Michael Vick was not sharp at all.

#7. You just KNEW the call would be reversed on the Ahmad Bradshaw fumble. Forearm down before the hand, what? Run that insane rule by me again.

#8.  Despite all the good things he did, Asante Samuel's fumble following an interception.

#9.  The man with the best hands on the team, Jason Avant, drops a TD pass.

#10. Shawn Andrews played a decent, if not better than decent, game.

If you're not from the Philly area nor live here, this will not have any meaning but if you are from here and/or live here... did you catch the shots of WIP's Howard Eskin on the sideline wearing his mink coat?

I know I shouldn't waste my time but the man is the living embodiment of arrogance, audacity and smugness. Everyone knows he's Andy Reid's puppet and I realize he's "just doing his job" following him around during the game but does he really need to wear a dead animal's skin while doing it? 

He actually fits in quite well with the overall pomposity that permeates the entire Eagles organization.

If it wasn't before, it should be painfully obvious that Quintin Mikell is an average, at best, NFL safety.

He was badly out of position which led to a costly pass interference penalty which led directly to a Giants TD. His open field tackling makes Asante Samuel look like Ronnie Lott. 

He's just not a big time NFL safety. Period.

Instead of the Eagles/Giants game one could have been watching Bring It On Again on the UHD Channel.

The plot summary goes a little something like this...

College newcomer Whittier tries out for and joins her new college cheerleading squad to relive her high school days as head cheerleader. But when she and her best friend Monica are unable to stand being around the tyrannical and snobbish squad captain, Tina, Whittier and Monica quit and vow to form their own cheerleading squad made up of college campus misfits and social outcasts for a competition to see which squad will represent the college for the national cheerleader championship. 

Kind of like Revenge of the Nerds with pom-poms.

Rapid Fire...

*Cris Collinsworth may be the 2nd most pompous person on the planet AFTER Howard Eskin
*He is without a doubt the most negative; the man focuses on the negative of a given play more than anyone I have ever seen

*Andrea Kremer's first update following Ellis' Hobbs suffering a neck injury? "Ellis Hobbs suffered a neck injury... back to you."

*Did you catch the NFL.com commercial featuring Chad Ochocinco and the song "You're the Best Around?" You of course know what movie that song is from, yes? See below...

Did the Eagles win or did the Giants lose?

I still can't tell. Can you?

The bottom line of course is a win is a win is a win... and the Eagles are now in 1st place in the NFC East. 

Clearly they are as good (or bad) as any team in the conference or league for that matter. 

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine. 


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