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The Morning After- Eagles Fall to the Bears


Morning campers,

It was a strange game on many fronts. From a bizarre call on just the 2nd play from scrimmage for the Birds, to odd programming choices by Fox, to an Eagles QB who at times couldn't hit the ocean with his passes yet at others could thread a needle.

Let's get to getting,,,

Eagles running back Eldra Buckley had 1 carry for 3 yards yesterday. That in it of itself was not odd. He normally doesn't get many carries. What was peculiar is that he got his lone carry on the 2nd play of the game.

I cannot be the only one to find this more than a little strange. 

Trying to throw off the Bears Defense by mixing it up... after one whole play, Marty?

No, this is not your Down the Dial feature of the week starring Lyle Waggoner and Lindsay Wagner.

It's what used to be called the Red Zone but when you go for 1/5 including 1/5 with Goal To Goal, the Dead Zone is much more appropos. 

Of course no Dead Zone play was more damaging than the Bears interception of Michael Vick late in the 2Q. The Eagles of course were one play from going ahead 20-14 but before you knew it, Quintin Mikell was out of position (again) and being beaten for another Bears TD. The dude's just not very good. And yes, I have said this before and will keep saying it.

But that one play, that one interception completely changed the complexion of the game as the Bears went on to 17 unanswered points in total and never looked back. 

You ever get the feeling that Andy Reid thinks he actually has an endless supply of timeouts? I swear it's as if he's under the impression he has a bottomless pit of timeouts at his disposal. Of course we know the only bottomless pit he has... well, you know...

Just a little more than 3 minutes into the 3Q, the Eagles faced a 3rd & 19 from their own 22 yard-line. Down 28-13, they were still very much in the game - a game one figured would be close and as such you would want to preserve all of your timeouts. 

Yet as he want to do on many occasions, he used a timeout in a situation that really didn't warrant it. Even Moose & Goose picked up on it, wondering aloud "What's the difference between 3rd & 19 and 3rd & 24?" (5 additional yards if they had taken the Delay of Game Penalty). 

But call a timeout he (Reid) did. 

So now perhaps you were thinking Marty & Andy would devise a plan to get those 19 yards and the first down, yes?

Um no... A running play was called, they did not get the first down and subsequently punted. 

And yes, they could have used that timeout at the end of game... Naturally.

Didn't know how prophetic this statement would ultimately be, and when Fox analyst Daryl "Moose" Johnston said it I thought he was referring to a life lesson a father would pass on to his son.

What he said was "You can't beat yourself..."

Of course we all know by now the Eagles proved him wrong.. you can absolutely beat yourself. 

During last week''s Birds game you could have been watching Bring It On Again. Well this week, as if on cue, you could have been watching TBS and Bring It On: In It to Win It - the 4th installment of the cheerleaders saga.


In this one... Southern California high school senior Carson arrives at the all-important "Cheer Camp Nationals" determined to lead her squad, the West High Sharks, to victory. But chic New Yorker Brooke and her team, the East High Jets, are equally steadfast in their pursuit of the competition's coveted "Spirit Stick."

There's a really classless joke in there somewhere with the words "pursuit of the coveted Spirit Stick" but let's keep it clean, shall we?

Why was Fox showing episodes of their animation shows (The Simpsons, etc) Sunday night featuring a Thanksgiving theme? 

What's next week, a Fourth of July theme?

C'mon Rupert, Thanksgiving was LAST week... you can't have this retroactive-type programming.

*The pass Michael Vick threw to Brent Celek late in the game was ridiculous. Peyton, Brady, whomever... not sure how many other QBs are making that throw

*I missed this but did the WikiLeaks release up to 2.7 million documents include the Eagles game plan? It sure seemed like the Bears Defense knew what the Eagles were going to do a whole helluva lot yesterday

*They actually played a couple of decent games recently but the Eagles Not-So-Special Teams were back to being deplorable again yesterday

*If the Eagles Defense cannot get sustained pressure on opposing QBs, their secondary is extremely vulnerable, Asante Samuel or no Asante Samuel

*The Eagles looked tired at times; just plain tired

The Bears Offense is not that good, kids. They're just not.

Yes, they played a very good game... sort of. They had 5 plays of 30 yards or more. The Eagles Defense made them look better than they really are, especially Jay Cutler. 

Despite the loss the Eagles are still in 1st place in the NFC East by virtue of a better divisional record than the Giants. 

The Eagles Offense should, SHOULD have a better game this week vs. a very average Texans Defense. 

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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