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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Do Eagles make the cut?


Another week of changes at the top and yes, a new team cracks the Top 10. Could Michael Vickit be the Eagles finally get some respect?

1. Steelers (3) - A good solid divisional win over the Bengals; the Pats come to town this week for a possible playoff preview

2. Ravens (4) - After filleting the Fish, they look to ground the Falcons (ok, cheesy, I know)

3. Giants (5) - Is Big Blue this good? Jason Garrett's Cowboys come to town to find out

4. Colts (1) - Yes Virginia, the Eagles are a pretty good team, sort of... read on

5. Saints (6) - As I said last week, the Saints look primed to go on a roll

6. Patriots (2) - Are the Browns getting better? First the Saints then the Pats?

7. Falcons (9) - Beat an underrated Bucs team; if they beat the Ravens, I will become a believer

8. Raiders (10) - Don't look now but the Silver & Black may be back; well not at least on their way to being back

9. Eagles (N/A) - With Michael Vick under center, this is a completely different & highly dangerous team

10. Jets (8) - The slide continues for the J-E-T-S; I know the Lions are improving but c'mon man!

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