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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Patriots Keep On Rolling


"Ooh, the big game of the week is the Patriots vs. the Bears. I think the Bears will really provide a stern test for the Patriots and Tom Brady, dont' you?"

That was a microcosm of what the "experts" were saying prior to this past Sunday's game between the Bears & Pats. Made me sick to my stomach. However equally nauseating and quite surprising was hearing Mike Francesa, he of SportsRadio66 in New York, rave about Jay Cutler. It was during his Sunday morning show and he was discussing the game with Phil Simms, who was also glowing about Cutler.

Truth be told, I have never been a big Simms fan so I didn't really value his opinion but Francesa? Always thought he knew a thing or two about sports but hearing him go on and on about Cutler... Are you kidding me? It's Jay Cutler! He stinks! Of course he is rumored to be dating Kristin Cavallari, so he does that have going for him, which is nice. image

Sorry, had to get that off my chest... I feel much better now.

1. Patriots (1) - Ok, I know I said last week "Beware though this week for letdown game in Chi-town." That didn't quite work out the way I thought. Of course I thought the Bears would have actually shown up for the game, too.

2. Steelers (2) - The J-E-T-S come to town and boy won't they be mad coming off an embarassing loss... wait, that was last week. Oh that's right, the Jets are a FRAUD.

3. Falcons (3) - Beating the Panthers should technically not count in the standings but until that rule is changed...

4. Saints (5) - Not much of a running attack this past week vs. the Rams but they did enough to win. Wonder if Chuck Muncie wants to make a comeback?

5. Eagles (6) - Losing Bradley and Graham will certainly affect a defense that wasn't so stout to begin with. Clearly this week vs. the G-Men is the game of the year.

6. Giants (8) - Yes the beat a Favre-less team last nite, like it mattered. The Vikings are D-O-N-E done. And by the way, Brett Favre DID not die. Of course you watch and listen to the dolts on ESPN you would think he did.

7. Ravens (9) - What, do the Ravens ONLY play defense against the Steelers? Man oh man, that was ugly last night.

8. Packers (4) - Do this with much trepidation (my big word of the day) because of the uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodgers. Understatement of the century but they are clearly not the same team without him. Wonder if Don Majikowski wants to make a comeback?

9. Jaguars (10) - It all comes down to this week as the Jags head to Indy; not sure Peyton can keep doing it all by himself

10. Chargers (N/A) - You were expecting maybe the Bears or Jets? Please... The Bolts should beat up on the Niners this week thereby increasing their still silm chances of making the playoffs.

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