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Philly2Philly.com Gridiron NFL Picks Week 15: Split on Eagles Against Giants



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Last week in Week 14 I once again had a good showing, but Steve O led the way once again with 13 wins.

The Eagles struggled mightily in the first three quarters against the Cowboys on Sunday, but the Eagles had another 4th quarter comeback due to DeSean Jackson's 91-yard touchdown.

The Eagles and Giants are tied with 9-4 records, but the Eagles hold the tie-breaker due to beating them head-to-head in their earlier meeting. The importance of this game on a scale of 1 to 10 is a solid "10." While the Eagles are scoring points by the boat load, their defense is leaking oil. With the absence of Asante Samuel and the season-ending injuries to Stewart Bradley and Brandon Graham - the Eagles' defense was in serious trouble. They get a nice boost with Asante Samuel's return, but losing Bradley will hurt them. They weren't a very good defense to begin with and losing their second best player (and the signal caller) in Stewart Bradley (dislocated elbow) means the offense will have to be that much better. Our panel is split on the Eagles - Giants game this week. Steve O and myself are picking the Giants to win. With that said, it by no means will kill the Eagles' season. They will still have two games left against the Vikings and Cowboys who they should have no problems notching wins against.

Now here are our Week 15 NFL Picks:

Philly2Philly Grid Iron NFL Picks Week 15