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Eagles Beat Giants - The Miracle at the Meadowlands Part 2


The game was over... OVER. It was over as over could be.

The fat lady had sung, she showered, ate dinner and was enjoying drinks with some friends in her suite at the Waldorf. logo

NOTE: I am dispensing with my normal greetings and salutations... this game was just too damned exciting NOT to jump right into the deep end.

So, as I was saying, this game was over.

How over was it?

Well, consider when I first arrived at MQ's castle, his Christmas tree was bare. However, immediately following DeSean Jackson's "fumble" at the 12:48 mark of the 4Q and going right through until the 8:23 mark when Kevin Boss made it 31-10 G-Men, MQ decided enough was enough and got to some serious tree trimming...


How over was it?

I was so convinced it was over, I actually took to taking some pictures of the aforementioned tree with my cell phone. As you can see from the photo, MQ is quite the tree decorator and a fast one at that. I ask, is there anything he CAN'T do?

How over was it?

The Giants seemed to be successful on EVERY 3rd Down conversion, many of the "long" variety of more than 5, 6, 7 yards..

How over was it?

Eagles CB Dimitri Patterson backed up to the parking lot to keep Hakeen Nicks from getting behind him... from the 8 yard line.

How over was it?

Brent Celek was on the fast track to goat status, committing not one, BUT two costly penaties to go along with his zero catches.

How over was it?

My mind started to drift to the Skins/Cowboys game and poor, poor Donovan McNabb. Oh wait, that never happened.

How over was it?

My mind DID go back to a pre-game comment I overheard during the WYSP pre-game show, the one that went something like this: "You know, without al those interceptions, Eli Manning is having an MVP-type season." Damn those statisticians, stickler for details and all...

How over was it?

As if blowing ONE challenge wasn't enough - you'll remember the Hakeen Nicks' catch that wasn't in the First Half which led to the Giants 1st TD, Big Red blew a second challenge by not throwing the flag following the aformentioned Jackson "fumble."

Like you I'm sure, I was incredulous... How can you NOT challenge that?!

But of course something happened on the way to the loss column...

See, as Buck and Aikmann were bestowing the title of genius on Giants Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell and while many Giants could be seen grinning triumphantly on the sidelines, the Eagles were still playing football.

While some of us were decorating a tree, and some were taking a picture of said tree (above)... the Eagles were still playing football.

And if you read of some of Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin's post game comments, he AND his players realized a little too late that there's 60 minutes to a game...

"Obviously very, very difficult to discuss or talk about. There aren't a lot of words to – even for our team, for them to take a hold of other than the fact that we have two games to play, we've got to win two games. The explanation for this I think: 24-3, 31-10, the game is never over until it's over and we talked long and hard about their fourth quarters."

Read all of Couglin's post game press conference remarks here. You can ALSO read many of the Giants' players post game thoughts on the game.

Here's a sampling...

Eli Manning - "Yeah it is a tough one.  We did some good things and came out and got off to a good start in the first half.  Got a touchdown in the fourth quarter, had a good lead, we just didn't finish well.  We had our opportunities, we had our chances; we didn't play well down the stretch and they did.  They played great and that was the difference."

Shaun O'Hara - "There isn't any way to describe this."

Kevin Boss - "I'm in disbelief right now; I'm in shock."

I would go so far as to say Kevin Boss' comments would also apply to Eagles fans, too. Even without the monumental comeback before it, the punt return alone would be grounds for disbelief and shock.

Oh, in case you were curious as I was... here's the headline that appeared on the home page of the New York Post  website:(along with some choice reader comments from the site underneath)


"Simply awful. what can you say? the giants are not winners, they rarely beat teams that are better than them on any significant level. "

"Lost a lot of respect for Coughlin. You don't embarrass your punter in the middle of the field the second the game ends. You talk to him in the privacy of the clubhouse. Sure, it was a poor kick but you still don't embarrass one of your men. Period."

"To all you gloating eagle fans who talk about a lucky streak in 2007...Um when was the last time you won a superbowl. Lets see....NEVER!  Win and then talk. Otherwise, well see you in the playoffs."

"The Eagles won their Superbowl today. I love all these Eagles fans think they won the Superbowl. Because none of them have ever known the feeling."

"Paging Bill Cowher..."

"Herm Edwards - 1978; Brian Westbrook – 2003; DeShean (sp) Jackson – 2010: Hey at least the Yankees signed Cliff Lee this week. Oh wait HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"This game was the epitome of "It aint over till it's over""

Here's the BOTTOM LINE...
The Eagles beat the Giants in an NFL game yesterday. That's it. That's the harsh, brutal reality. The Eagles have not won a thing. Nothing. Ok, ok... it was as exhilirating a game as any Eagles fan will remember for quite some time.

BUT... it is one win. It is one game.

Let's keep things in perspective, please...

One last thing...

I want to wish EVERYONE a safe, wonderful and joyous holiday with you and your loved ones.

Til next time and as always...image

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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