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Eagles stun Giants at Meadowlands, Phillies steal Cliff Lee from Yankees, Flyers beat Rangers.Yeah, It was a VERY good week.


In just under two months, I will turn 33 years of age.

And in the last six days, I have I shamelessly jumped around in excitement like a hyperactive five year-old on multiple occasions- all because of what has transpired with my Philly sports teams. And I offer NO apologies. Come on!  Even the Sixers had been winning games until their loss to the Lakers Friday night. Let's recap the week:

Part One: Early Tuesday Morning Around 12:05 amCliff Lee is BACK!

The first time I experienced this euphoria was early Tuesday morning, shortly after the Phillies announced they had reacquired Cliff Lee. Not only is Lee coming back, the Phillies stole him from right under the Yankees uppity noses. NOBODY saw that coming. Lee left money on the table to rejoin the Phillies. In today's world of LeBron James', that was pretty impressive to say the least. Yet another reason to LOVE this Phillies team- the character of these guys is just awesome. They are in it to win it.

Of course, there are no paper champions and stranger things have happened (see 2010 NLCS). They HAVE to hit. But let's be honest: unless the Phillies completely fall apart during the 2011, it will be very, very hard to beat this team. And did I mention Lee turned down the Yankees?.........HA! Just had to get that in one more time.


Part 2: Late Saturday AfternoonFlyers beat Rangers. Photo: New York Post

Now let's fast forward to Saturday, where the Flyers rocked John Tortorella (aka: Fonzie) and the New York Rangers 4-1. Brian Boucher  continues his hot streak and has now gone 5-0-1 in his last six starts. Rookie Sergei Bobrovsky is certainly not letting anyone down with his play either. The two are just one of many reasons why the Flyers lead the entire NHL with 49 points. Has a nice sound to it, doesn't it? Did I mention they beat the New York Rangers?.............thought so.

Now as we all know, the regular season doesn't mean a whole lot after what we watched last year. Let's not forget Pittsburgh (shut up Gonzo!) and Washington are the two other BEASTS of the east. The Flyers were extremely lucky to dodge them in the playoffs last year. Man, now we know how it feels to be in THE strongest division in a sport.

Of course, I'm referring to the baseball's American League East- where the Yankees play. You know, the SAME New York Yankees who didn't get Cliff Lee.......


Part 3: Sunday AfternoonNew Miracle at the Meadowlands starring DeSean Jackson.

Then there was a little football game played at New Meadowlands Stadium (man, that name is REALLY bad). And let me tell you, I have watched the Eagles my entire life. And next to the NFC Championship Game in January 2005, that was THE greatest Eagles game I have ever witnessed. It was the only game in NFL history to end on a punt return in regulation. The "New Miracle at the Meadowlands" definitely lived up to its hype. 

Let's be honest: the Eagles really had no business winning this game. To be blunt, they stole it. In saying that, it was the biggest game of the year. The kind of game that decides whether you start the playoffs at home as a possible number two seed, or on the road as a wild card team.

By now, it's clear that the New York Giants have pretty much overtaken the Cowgirls as our biggest NFC East rival, and man oh man did they cough this one up. If Matt Dodge has a job Monday morning, Barack Obama probably deserves another term in office.......

There is not ONE person reading this who probably thought the Birds would win this one. If you did, I want what you are smoking delivered to my door. DeSean Jackson, busted foot and all, proves once again why the Eagles should lock him up once all this CBA crap is finalized. I think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize there is something special going on with this Eagles team.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not crowning them Super Bowl champs just yet. I'm just saying I've watched enough sports to know when a team has something extra, and when a team packs it in. I'm not going to bash Donovan McNabb when he's down (although half the crap that goes on with him is his own doing), but I actually have faith that this Eagles team can come from behind with Michael Vick at the helm. In the midst of this great win was the performance of their shoddy defense, who at times looked like it had more holes than the Swiss cheese from our party that my friends and I won for being really awesome at Quizzo.

And yes, when Jackson finally made his way into the end zone as time expired, we all jumped up and down and on top of each other like a bunch of hyperactive five year-olds. And yeah, just to reiterate, the Eagles beat the New York Giants!

So there you have it. Other than actually winning a championship, I can't think of a more exciting week in the recent history of Philadelphia sports. We got to "stick it" to New York three, count 'em THREE times this week.

Those teams up north may have more titles, but you have to live in the present. And right now, being a Philly sports fan hasn't been this good in decades. And yes, they would be mouthing off too in New York if things were going this well for them.

And once again, I offer NO apologies.

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Jackson photo: Ron Cortes / MCT