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The Morning After - Eagles Embarrassed by Vikings


Morning campers,

Trust everyone found everything they wanted under their trees. The Eagles did… sort of. Their "brand new car" came in the form of the Saints, who defeated the Falcons  thereby giving the Eagles an outside chance at the #1 overall seed.image

Their lump of coal came in the form of the Jets who, for all their off the field bravado, allowed Jay Cutler & the Bears to come from behind to beat them, thereby keeping them ahead of the Eagles for the #2 seed.

Got all that?

Let’s get to getting… chronologically speaking

8:22PM - The first of what will probably be many sightings of Ed Rendell. So let’s see, if you agree with the decision to postpone the game, you’re a wussie, as per Ed Rendell.

And if you agree with the Gov, you’re what, Rambo?

Just a hunch here, but I don’t think we, the general public, will see the last of Fast Eddie after he leaves office… no, something tells me Ed will find the nearest camera/media outlet, for the only thing larger than his appetite is his ego.

8:35PM - The Vikings Antoine Winfield literally yells “olly, olly oxen free” as he runs, yet again, unabated to Michael Vick.

8:46PM - I think I can literally see the fog that has clearly engulfed the Eagles so far; wasn't there a really bad movie starrring Adrienne Barbeau (redundant) called The Fog? image

8:57PM - Lito Sheppard, yes THAT Lito Sheppard, drops a pass that hit him in a really bad place: his hands. Paging Thomas Karr... Thomas Karr, white courtesy phone (inside joke)

9:32PM - The aforementioned Wingfield once again comes clean, only this time he strips the ball and runs free to the End Zone; Are you kidding me? I realize Andy & Marty need to make adjustments but… so does Mike Vick; whatever happened to getting to the line and making adjustments based on what the opposing defense gives you?

9:45PM - MQ & I switch to Candyman Farewell to the Flesh on Cinemax; more like Farewell to the Bye Week the way the Eagles are playing

9:52PM – Dimitri Patterson continues his best Lito and Izel impression; this kid is simply not very good

9:54PM – Dimitri Patterson flagged for Unsportsman-like Conduct; Holy Moses this kid’s going to cost this team big come playoff time; mark my words

9:56PMAndy Reid, not exactly Mr. Challenge, throws the flag on what looks like a Vikings TD

10:00PM – There is a God; Eagles win the Challenge, no TD

10:09PM – The fog continues; Eagles go 3 & out on their 1st possession in the 2nd Half

10:14PM – Shocking, Dimitri Patterson is benched

10:15PM – The Vikings are moving the ball at will on the Eagles defense

10:18PMJoe Webb completely embarrasses the Eagles defense; absolute disgraceful performance by the entire Eagles team so far, Vikings up 10.

10:19PM – Great point by Cris Collinsworth; other than the second half of the 4Q of the Giants game, the Eagles have not played well in nearly 7 quarters of football

10:28PM – Vick turns the ball over again; this time his refusal to slide bites him and the Eagles in the… this after a long, sustained, time-consuming drive, too. This I getting ugly…

10:36PM – 3Q comes to an end; Birds still down 10; any 4Q magic this week?

10:41PM – The Eagles' offensive line is as much the reason for their poor play on this night as anything; time and again Vick has been unable to set up in the pocket

10:45PM – Vick undresses a Viking at the 3, then waltzes into the End Zone; Birds down 3 with more than 10 minutes left in the 4Q

10:49PM – The fog strikes Akers who kicks the ensuing kickoff out of bounds

10:54PM – Eagles spend a timeout… on defense. Altogether now, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

10:57PM – Joe Webb, AKA Fran Tarkenton threads the needle on a 3rd and 11; ditto on the Are you kidding me…

10:58PM – Eagles flagged for too many on the field; let’s go for the trifecta: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

10:59PMAdrian Peterson scores; this is one of the most pathetic performances I have ever seen… yes, ever.

11:03PM – I realize most Eagles’ fans will say the Birds’ most pressing off-season needs are on defense but other than Jason Peters, this OL is average and that’s being kind

11:08PM – Eagles decide to punt rather than going for it on 4th & 18 near midfield; wonder if the Eagles will need that timeout they had to use on defense? Am thinking yes, how bout you?

11:11PM – Suddenly realize the outcome probably would have been different IF Brett Favre had played; hard to believe

11:12PM – Oh what’s this? A bad spot on a 3rd down run by the Vikings BUT the Eagles can’t challenge because they’re out of timeouts, how bout that?

11:19PM – Have no proof whatsoever mind you but why do I get the feeling DeSean Jackson was not into this game?

11:22PM – Game over, thankfully. Right now kids, this is not a good team; I don’t care what their record is, they are not a good team, not when you play that poorly for 7.5 quarters out of 8.

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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