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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Eagles Fall After Disastrous Tuesday Night Loss to Vikings


Here we are and it's the final week of the NFL Power Rankings, regular season version. But yours truly is taking over the Power Ranking duties this week for Steve O. In case you're not familiar with it, Saturday Night Live has a great sketch involving Julian Assange (played by Bill Hader) who hijacks President Obama's Oval Office address with his Wikileaks TMZ Show, and I'm doing something similar this week.

All kidding aside, Steve O isn't feeling so hot after the Eagles' brutal loss against the Vikings last night and having to write The Morning After on top of that, so I'm doing the duty. Allow me to present the Philly2Philly NFL Power Rankings Week 17 in Steve O's honor.

1. Patriots (1) - Still number one after blowing through the Buffalo Bills. Sure, they walked over the lowly Bills, but you have to beat the easy teams sometimes unlike certain teams (cough...The Eagles).

2. Steelers (4) - My pick for #2. The Steelers will give the Patriots trouble in the playoffs. Mark it down.

3. Falcons (2) - Tough loss to the Saints, but they remain at #3 as they are still the #1 seed in a very tough NFC.

4. Bears (NA) - Big win over a falling Jets team. They are now in the driver's seat for the #2 seed in the NFC

5. Saints (5) - They remain at #5 only because of the Bears' leap into the #4 spot. Good win for 'Nawlins as they control their playoff destiny. 

6. Ravens (6) - The Ravens hold steady at #6...more of a reflection of the Bears and Saints' big wins. 

7. Colts (7) - nice win over an Oakland team that has surprised folks this season. 

8. Chiefs (NA) - with the Chargers' collapse to a bad Bengals team, the Chiefs locked up the AFC West after their dominant win over the Titans.

9. Eagles (3) - bad loss for Michael Vick and the Eagles last night. Vick had his worst game of the season, but not even Tom Brady could have a good game with a porous offensive line like that. As I've said before, the Eagles' defense is mediocre at best and horrible without Stewart Bradley. You cannot win in the playoffs by outscoring teams.

10. Packers (NA) - What a difference having one of the Top 3 QBs under center makes. With Aaron Rodgers the Packers are a contender. Without him...you get the gist. 

To agree or disagree with Dennis Bakay contact him at dbakay@philly2philly.com