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The Morning After- Eagles beat the Texans


Morning campers,

Let's just to get to getting right away...

The Eagles have dropped how many TD passes in the past 3 games? image

Hell even Trevor Laws dropped the ball after intercepting a Matt Schaub pass in the 2Q. What in name of Stick 'Em is going on here?

You think just maybe the Eagles coaching staff would recognize the need to maybe have, oh I don't know, a few pass catching drills? Are you kidding me? And no Andy, this is not something you can do as far as putting your players in better positions.

Never thought I would ever give kudos to Joe Theismann. He made a very astute observation when he made reference to the fact the helmet the Texans backup QB Dan Orlovsky was given to wear at the end of the first half did not have a microphone in it. Of course it didn't really matter but I was impressed he picked up on that.

Now, as for his booth buddy Matt Millen... He jumped on "the Eagles are the best screen team in the history of the NFL" bandwagon that I now believe must be mentioned at least once during every Eagles game. I think it's an NFL mandate or something.

Matt also went all Lady Gaga over a Texans defender after making a fantastic defensive play to prevent a touchdown by the Eagles' Jason Avant. Of course the replay the showed the defended never actually touched the ball and it was yet another aforementioned dropped pass by the Eagles.

Later M Squared said that Stewart Bradley "has gotten better and better each week." Hey Matt, maybe you want to know what you're talking about before you open your mouth because anyone who has seen every Eagles game knows that is simply not true.

DOWN THE DIAL...Kevin Sorbo in "The Santa Suit."
Instead of the Eagles/Texans game, you could have been watching The Santa Suit on the Hallmark Channel.

"Drake Hunter, the president of Hunter Marketing, has the perfect plan to boost sales for his father's toy company over the holiday season--hire department store Santas to promote his father's merchandise. When the real Santa Claus turns Drake into a Santa lookalike, Drake finds himself working as a dress-up Kris Kringle to make ends meet. Stripped of power and position, Drake discovers the importance of honesty, compassion, and respect as he helps an unprivileged girl enjoy the magic of Christmas. Stars Kevin Sorbo."

My how far Hercules has fallen...

He played his heart out night in, night out in front of raucous Cavalier fans. He dove for loose balls. First one in the gym, last one out. A consumate professional.

And last night he made his return to Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat. It was clearly the most anticipated return of a visiting player in quite some time. The number of media credentials issued rivaled that of a Super Bowl. Anyone who was anyone was there or watching on TV. And I just have to say I was so proud of the way Zydrunas Ilgauskas handled himself the entire night.

And of course you all know what supergroup gave us the classic 80's smash Heat of the Moment, yes? (see below)

The Texans' showed just how incredibly average the Eagles Defense is...

Yes they will make some plays form time to time but overall. C'mon, even the most loyal of Eagles fan will admit this group is just not that good. No consistent pass rush backed up by very average linebackers and a very weak secondary, Asante Samuel and his bloated stats notwithstanding. And don't even get me started on the number of penalties they commit, especially offsides.

There is simply no personality to this defense... none. And not much talent, either.

The NFL and Roger Goodell... that my friends is hypocrisy personified. Do you really believe Texans' wide receiver Andre Johnson would have played had this game NOT been on Thursday night on the NFL Network?

One of the league's best young players on a national stage... please.

Sure go ahead and throw a punch or two, you're a great player and you're playing on OUR network... we'll just look the other way and fine you some meager amount to make it look good.

*Gotta give props to Brent Celek for his all-out attempt to get a crucial first down in the 4Q

*Still think he's average at best but Quntin Mikell had himself a very solid game

*Matt Schaub is no Matt Ryan... just in case you were wondering

The Eagles did enough to win. The Eagles were fortunate Schaub was in a giving mood. The Eagles have a lot of holes for sure.

But they did win and any win is a good in the National Football League.

Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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