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Philly2Philly.com Gridiron NFL Picks Week 14: All in On Eagles Over Cowboys



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Last week in Week 13, I finished in the lead with 13 wins. Seems like eons ago when I was terrible at picking games. But, when you look at how everybody else finished last week my 13 wins weren't that impressive. Steve, Jesse, and Josh each had 12 wins. It was one of those weeks when all of the teams who were supposed to win actually showed up to play. It's becoming less and less common in this era of mediocre football.

Last Thursday night the Eagles met their match in a very disappointing Texans team. At one point the Eagles were trailing, but Michael Vick brought the Eagles back in the 4th quarter. He is everything we ever wanted out of Donovan McNabb. He's not afraid to run, makes all the throws, and we feel confident that he'll win the game when the Eagles are trailing in the 4th quarter. With McNabb we couldn't be confident like that - at least not in the past 5 years.

This week the Eagles play yet another primetime game. I've already beaten that dead horse to death so no need to rehash it. It comes with the territory when you have a winning franchise. Sunday night the Eagles take on a resurgent Cowboys team which is playing great football for their coach Jason Garrett. As I predicted, the Cowboys would completely turn things around under new head coach Jason Garrett. They were on a mission to get Wade Phillips fired and succeeded. They are now playing like a team that was capable of winning 12 or 13 games heading into the season. The Eagles should win on Sunday night, but can't play stupid football like the Colts on Sunday. If they win the turnover battle, then mark this down as a W for the Birds. Our panel is unanimous and picking the Birds to beat the Cowboys on Sunday night in Dallas. The Eagles are in must-win mode. The Giants have a cupcake matchup against the Vikings this week and should roll over them.

On another note, one has to wonder what the schedule makers are smoking in the NFL offices. When is the last time the Eagles didn't play the Cowboys until week 14 of the NFL season? The answer is "No" of course. And, when is the last time they had to face them twice in the final four games? It's absolutely ridiculous if you ask me.

Now here are our Week 14 NFL Picks:

Philly2Philly Grid Iron NFL Picks Week 14