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Peyton Manning still not in Donovan McNabb's company despite Super Bowl choke job


Peyton Manning has been getting killed the past few days over his Super Bowl choke job in Super Bowl XLIV against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

People are calling him a choke artist and insinuating that his legacy has been tattered. The Howard Eskins of the world are bashing the legendary Colts QB who will still go down as one of the top six or seven greatest quarterbacks when it's all said and done. Yes, he may have lost a Super Bowl and has a pedestrian 9-9 record in the playoffs.  Yes, he may have been undressed by the Patriots in the playoffs on multiple occasions.  It's all fact.ronde barber nfc championship

Despite all of that he still isn't in Donovan McNabb company when it comes to choking.  McNabb has set a new standard when it comes to the choke job.  He's lost four NFC Championship games, one Super Bowl, and just got humiliated by the Dallas Cowboys in two consecutive weeks.

And in the worst loss in Philadelphia sports history, McNabb single handedly gave the game away to the Tampa Bay Bucs in the 2003 NFC Championship-a.k.a. "The Debacle."  That was the year the Eagles should have won it all and McNabb blew it.  I still have nightmares about the Ronde Barber interception.

peyton manning lombardiAnd, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this before I write it.  Peyton Manning has that piece of hardware that has eluded Donovan McNabb over the past decade; a Super Bowl ring.

While he may have done it against a less than dominant Bears team, the fact of the matter is he actually won a championship. And, lets not forget that the Bears did have a "Super Bowl" defense.  They were built to win it on defense like the Ravens, Patriots, and the...dare I say Bucs. 

That's the difference between Peyton Manning and the likes of Donovan McNabb who will go down as a very good quarterback that never won.  I still have to put Manning ahead of Dan Marino.  He will end up having better numbers and that ring makes all the difference.

Also, don't write off Manning getting another ring just yet.  He's in the prime of his career and there is that certain QB with the #4 who is still slinging it at age 40.  And if Brett Favre can hang around this long, you can bet that Manning who also never missed a game will hang around too.

Lastly, for those of you who discredit Manning's Super Bowl victory, let's not forget that he led a legendary second half comeback in the AFC Championship game against that same Patriots team that had his number on countless occassions. Manning can only add to his legacy at this point.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it you Manning haters!

Ronde Barber interception photo from http://www.tampabay.com

Peyton Manning Lombardi trophy photo from http://z.about.com

Peyton Manning reaction photo from http://assets.nydailynews.com