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Phillies tickets are the hottest game in town


With the swarming crowds at Citizens Bank Park this morning on hand for Phillies single game tickets, I think it's truly safe to say that Philadelphia has officially become a baseball town, and that Phillies fever is in full effect.

The Philadelphia Phillies have had two consecutive World Series appearances. Their attendance is at an all time high and their fan base probably is too. As a fan who sat through the likes of Al Pardo and Salome Barojas in the late 1980's, I still have to pinch myself to this day in amazement at what is going on right now with our baseball team. Their 2009 season proves that they are not a one year wonder in the baseball world, and fans are very optimistic about their chances of remaining competitive in 2010 and beyond.

"I don't know why more people didn't get them last year," says Steve Thayer, a season ticket holder from West Deptford, New Jersey. "I guess they wanted to wait and see if 2008 was a fluke. I'm excited. These tickets are like gold in my hands for the next three years."

And after checking StubHub for Phillies tickets, one would have to agree. Full season tickets are available on the site ranging from $1,599 to $9,995. Individual Opening Day tickets are going as high as $1,500, and tickets against the Boston Red Sox in June have a ceiling of $1,390 per ticket.

"I think that this could be an all time high for Phillies popularity," says longtime Phillies PA Announcer and broadcasting legend Dan Baker. "There have been times in the past where Phillies baseball has been a really hot item. Those were really heady times, but I can't think of another time where it has been more popular than right now. There seems to be a different dynamic there. Not only is it the enjoyment of watching a good baseball game, but I think Citizens Bank Park has been quite a diverse social destination. It's THE place to be in the Spring and Summer."

610 WIP radio host Brian Startare, echoes Baker's sentiments.

"I guess it speaks volumes of where baseball is in our town right now. That's what success does. We haven't seen this from a baseball team in quite some time. The ballpark is gonna be filled every night. It kind of makes you wish the success was all around."

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the other sports teams in town. However, the Phillies will be here before you know it. And whether it's at home, listening on the radio, or if you're one of the lucky ones to grab a ticket to a game, we will have them at our disposal almost every day until November.

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