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Did the Eagles have to cut Brian Westbrook the day when Phillies' Spring Training starts?


Couldn't this have been done tomorrow?Brian Westbrook: http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/brian-westbrook.jpg

Brian Westbrook, the often injured but one of the most important players to ever wear a Philadlephia Eagles uniform, was released today by the team.  THE same day that the full Phillies squad officially arrived in Clearwater. Is it just me, but does the Eagles' timing stink? Why do they pull these shananigans? Are they constantly trying to one-up the Phillies in the headlines?  The Phils acquire Cliff Lee last summer and the Eagles grab Michael Vick several weeks later. These days, the Eagles seem to be more on a mission to steal the thunder of the Philadelphia Phillies than trying to go back to the Super Bowl. 

Truth be told, everybody saw the release of Westbrook coming. He missed half the season last year with multiple concussions and an ankle injury. Westbrook also turned 30 in September: not a good combo if you're a member of this football team. With Westbrook's departure, this paves the way for second year running back LeSean McCoy.  And before anyone gets excited, you can forget LaDainian Tomlinson  as a possibility. The Chargers just cut ties with Tomlinson, but he is 30 as well. Moreover, the Eagles just don't make moves like that.

Nobody wants to see Westbrook go, but it's pretty obvious that his better days are behind him. When all is said and done, Westbrook left it all on the field and never took a play off. From his historic punt return against the Giants in 2003, to his strong post season performances, Westbrook will certainly go down as one of the greatest backs in Eagles history. He is second only behind Wilbert Montgomery in rushing and is third in receptions all-time for the Eagles. This is indeed the end of an era. Our heroes of 2004 are leaving this team as each year passes.

Westbrook will not be officially released until March 5. The Eagles however, HAD to make this announcement the day that the National League Champions (who are selling out every game they will play at home in 2010) begin to try and reclaim their World Series Title of 2008. Phillies World Series Parade: http://spicytunas.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/phillies-parade-1.jpg

Note to the Eagles: if you wanna top the Phillies, start by winning a Super Bowl, and have a BETTER parade than the one you see right here. Then take it from there.


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