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Allen Iverson may be ready to retire from the NBA upon the illness of his daughter


All good things must come to an end and if you’re an Allen Iverson  fan, you quite possibly could be witnessing the end of his basketball career. The Philadelphia 76ers came out on Monday saying that the All-Star point guard will miss the remaining three games of their current road trip. Iverson will remain outHas Allen Iverson stepped onto an NBA court for the last time?  photo: http://blackathlete.net/artman2/uploads/1/allen-iverson-picture-5.jpg of uniform indefinitely to be with his 4-year-old daughter who has an undisclosed illness.

If this does prove to be Iverson’s last year, it will be the worst one on the books. But on the other hand, I see it as a season that brought him full-circle, and right back where he ultimately belongs. He has not rocked the boat with this team and there have been no indications of outlandish behavior on his part at all. Iverson turns 35 years old in the coming months. And even though the warrior within him might want to keep fighting on the court, his mind might be telling him to hang it up and go out in style in the same town that welcomed him into the NBA.

Many thought Iverson would retire this year, but he returned to the Sixers early in the season.

There’s no doubt that the 6-foot nothing, 160-pound Iverson took a beating over the years, driving and cutting his way to the hoop. And in doing so he has given his fans a highlight reel to remember and secured a spot as one of the best guards the league has ever seen. He will without a doubt go down as one of the greatest players ever to wear a Sixers uniform. And with the Sixers struggling to even compete for a playoff spot this year, an NBA championship coming to Philly is certainly not going to happen in Iverson’s playing years.

With all the past success in his basketball career, could this be a sign for Iverson to switch gears and start a new chapter of success in his life? Is he ready to take on fatherhood full-time? He stated earlier last week, "I have five kids. None of them have ever been this sick. It's a first-time thing for me. I like to look at myself as a strong person, especially dealing with everything in my life. But this is a totally different situation; you find out you're not as tough as you thought you were when it's one of your kids."

Only time will tell if we’ve seen the last of Allen Iverson in a basketball uniform. But one thing is for certain, the next time you’ll see a sold out crowd at the Wachovia Center  again might be when we retire his number three up in the rafters for good.

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