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If you're betting on the Super Bowl, then bet on Peyton Manning and take the Colts


Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints Sunday, February 7, 6:25PM EST
Total Offense Regular Season Rankingssuper bowl
Colts - 9th
Saints - 1st

Total Defense Regular Season Rankings
Colts - 18th
Saints - 25th 

My take: Well, it has come to this, kids. This very Cajun-flavored Super Bowl is finally here.... New Orleans hometown boy Peyton Manning vs. the feel-good story of the Saints.

I don't know what the Over/Under is but whatever it is go Over... still not sure who will win but if this game does not go over the over, if you will, I will be shocked. Just don't see any way either of these defenses being able to stop the opposing team's offenses, especially with the Colts' Dwight Freeney not being 100%. Hell, they may go over the over in the first half. The only way I don't see them going over the number is if Mother Nature rears her ugly head. Other than that... get ready to see a lot of scoring.

Of course there's also the matter of the TV commercials and I for one will be just as interested in them as I will the game.

As for my pick, my head tells me the Colts but my heart is with the Saints...

Colts 40
Saints 34

Peyton Manning photo from http://jbjsports.files.wordpress.com