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The Philadelphia Sports World and How I See It


Hi everyone,

You have to excuse my long absence but I made a personal vow to not write again until the Eagles brought back Hank Baskett.Hank Baskett returns. Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images North America)

Thanks to the Eagles and infinite wisdom, in addition to scribing again, I can now sleep better at night.

I’m pressed for time as I have to go order my new Baskett jersey. Oh wait, I guess I can use my old one. Yeah, like you didn’t have a Hank Baskett jersey.

So let’s just go rapid fire, shall we?

· The most important player on the Phillies this year will be… Cole Hamels.Man, that DOES seem like a long time ago... Photo: http://ladiesdotdotdot.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/cole-hamels.jpg What, you were expecting me to say Roy Halladay? Why would I do that? We all know what we’re going to get out of him… 18+ Wins, 250+ innings, 200+ Ks, under 3.50 ERA…. But Hamels, he is the enigma. He holds the key to the ultimate success or bridesmaid revisited status for the Fightins

· Call me crazy but I think the Eagles have a plan. I have no idea what it is mind you but I think they have a plan. A plan at QB and every other position. Now, this is not to say I will agree with said plan, only that I think they have a plan. And yes, I am on medication.

· RIP Merlin Olsen. Never met the man but I did spend some time in the town in which he played college ball, Logan, Utah, home of the Utah St. Aggies. Seemed like a genuinely good guy and we can’t have enough of them now can we?

· Being a Sixers fan is akin to being a Royals, Pirates or Lions fan. Think about it. Fans of these teams know their team has little to no shot of winning consistently and or making the playoffs. To call this franchise embarrassing is embarrassing to all things embarrassing. Or something like that…

· I wish Brian Westbrook would retire, I really do. I hate to think what might happen to B-West with one more blow to the head

· Great move in locking up Jason Avant by the way; dude’s got the best hands on the team and may have the most underrated hands in the league, save for Ben Roethlisberger. Way to let that girl fall down Ben...

· Ok, that was a cheap shot but you have to admit it was a cheap shot

· As for the Flyers… yeah, they’re ok. I really like…. And I really like… ok, I admit it. I couldn’t name five Flyers not named Richards, Carter, Briere, Pronger and… where was I?

 Ok, that’s all I got… I have to go now. Time for my medication.


Steve Olenski can be contacted at solenski@philly2philly.com and on twitter at http://twitter.com/steveolenski

Thumbnail photo: Joe Vallee Sr.