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Villanova gets knocked off by St. Mary's, denied a second straight Final Four appearance in NCAA Tournament


Mark down yet another upset in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.  First there was Georgetown and then Villanova.  And, tonight Kansas got knocked off.  Saint Mary's

Next there will be a heat wave in the Delaware Valley...well there's that too. Temperatures are in the mid-70's as we say hello to spring and goodbye to an awful winter.

Unfortunately, there won't be a Philadelphia team representing the area in the Final Four this year.  Villanova got knocked off by Saint Mary's 75-68 this afternoon. Hate to say I told you so, but 'Nova lost 5 of their final 7 games of the regular season and they barely got past the 15th seeded Robert Morris on Friday.  Suffice it to say this wasn't going to be their year.

Scottie Reynolds ends his Villanova career in disappointing fashion to the tune of 4 for 26 shooting in his final two games of his collegiate career.

For a recap of the Villanova-Saint Mary's game check it out here, but be advised this was ugly. And, for video highlights, check out CBSsports.com's coverage here.  Again, please be advised.  It was brutal unless you're a St. Joe's fan of course!