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McNabb to 49ers makes most sense


Andy Reid has finally admitted that he is as least listening to offers for Donovan McNabb.

And now that the Eagles are no longer expecting to receive the ridiculous offer of two No. 1 draft picks, but more realistically one No. 2 draft pick.Is this marriage at its end? And finally since the Rams have vehemently denied they are one of the teams involved in the McNabb Sweepstakes.

There is one question left to be asked, where are the Eagles going to trade their franchise quarterback for the past 11 years? Know that if the Eagles have their choice, and basically they do, since they don’t HAVE to trade McNabb, they would prefer to send him to the AFC where the only way he could come back to hurt them would be in the Super Bowl. And wouldn’t that be fun: McNabb vs. Reid in the Super Bowl.

But the Eagles have suddenly put themselves on the wrong end of the bargaining table in this trade scenario, and might have to take the best ofer from whatever teams makes it. Anyway, forget any team in the NFC East for sure, and it’s highly doubtful any team in the NFC North would get involved, either. Minnesota makes sense  if Brett Favre retires, but Reid and the Eagles are not going to give the Vikings a ticket to the Super Bowl, either.

The one team in the NFC south that makes sense is Carolina, since the Panthers have no quarterback on the roster with any kind of resume. Matt Moore and Josh McCown are both nice backups, but that’s it. You call either one of them a starter and you can call StubHub for playoff tickets. Here’s the problem with the Panthers, they only have two picks in the first 100 (No. 48 in the second round and No. 78 in the third round), for a team that has more than one hole to fill, it might not be wise to trade a high pick for a quarterback on the wrong side of 30.

In the NFC West, all four teams could use McNabb, although the Rams say they have no interest and may opt for Sam Bradford  with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Again, that could be posturing in more ways than one. Seattle does not have a second, or a third-round, pick in the draft (the Eagles have their third-rounder), but owns two first-round picks (No. 6 and 14). The best rumor I’ve heard so far went like this. Seattle would trade No. 14 to New Orleans for No. 32 and running back Reggie Bush. The Seahawks would then send No. 32 to the Eagles for McNabb. It makes for great conversation, but it’s not going to happen.

San Francisco is the one team that makes more sense than any other. Put McNabb in that lineup and the 49ers become the overwhelming favorites in the division and a Super Bowl contender. They also have ammunition. The Niners have four picks (Nos. 13, 17, 49 and 79) in the top 80. Would the Eagles be able to use No. 24 and McNabb to get to No. 13? How about to No. 17 and the 49ers throw in a lower pick? Would the Eagles trade him to a team that would automatically become a contender? They would if they think McNabb is no longer an elite player.  And know this: McNabb has mentioned the words San and Francisco to friends when his future is discussed. Arizona is another possibility and McNabb lives there in the offseason, but that fact might be more of a detriment than you realize. Sources close to the quarterback say he would prefer not to play for the Cardinals.

In the AFC, Buffalo gets a lot of talk and yes McNabb did play his college ball at Syracuse. Which might be as good of a reason as any as to why he does not want to return to Western New York. That, and the fact, the Bills franchise is a mess. Miami could be a sleeper in all of this. It depends on how much the Dolphins think of Chad Henne, who failed to get to them to the playoffs last year, and if Bill Parcells is ready to part with his second round pick (No. 43) at the very least. Forget the teams in the AFC North and AFC South, but two teams in the West could be involved. Denver can’t be serious about Brady Quinn as a starter right? And if Brian Dawkins  goes to Broncos management on McNabb’s behalf maybe there’s a Mile High Eagles reunion. All it might cost for it to happen is the 45th overall pick.

Then there’s Oakland. Rumors have started the Raiders want in, and one report says McNabb wants no part of going there. If Al Davis wants to get back in the public eye for more than being atrocious, he opens the vault, gives McNabb a new contract and convinces him to just win, baby. Other reports have the Raiders interested in Terrell Owens, too.

Now wouldn’t that be something.

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