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Donovan McNabb trade rumors are out of control


The internet is buzzing with Donovan McNabb trade rumors, which are proliferating like mushrooms.  First he was going to the Rams last week, which was quickly mcnabb cowboysdebunked.  Then the Seahawks were interested. 

We even reported a month ago about the possibility of McNabb going to the Rams long before other sites were talking about it. 

Our own Mark Eckel wrote that McNabb to the 49ers makes the most sense. 

It's one thing to say a trade makes sense, but many sites are just throwing rumors out there, disgusing them as "reports", in the hopes of getting lots of hits.

Now, the hot "rumor" is that the Raiders are making a play for McNabb.  On the one hand, if the Eagles trade him to the toxic wasteland of the NFL-the Oakland Raiders then it would be a slap in his face.  However, the Eagles also have to take the best offer they can get, which makes football sense.

Just what do you believe? It seems that many (not all sites) websites are willing to just throw stuff out there hoping that it sticks. Then you have sites like this who put out five possible trade scenarios to teams like the Cardinals, Browns or Bills.

Now, TMZ.com  is joining in on the Donovan McNabb trade rumor frenzy.  Really? Is this what sports have become? Fodder for gossip sites.  Apparently so.  Allegedly McNabb told TMZ that he doesn't want to play for the Raiders.  And, some sites are saying that the McNabb rumors are "drying up."  Really? From where I'm sitting they are out of control.  And, it's obviously a distraction to the team and McNabb because he didn't even report for voluntary workouts. 

And, Brett Favre is somehow being drawn into this.  Donovan McNabb could potentially be Favre's replacement in Minnesotta writes ESPN.

But, this is what the internet has become.  There's no doubt that something will likely happen before the draft.  The Eagles appear to be leaning towards youth after unloading aging players this past offseason.  Brian Westbrook, Darren Howard, Shawn Andrews, and Kevin Curtis were at one time key contributors, but were all released due to either age, salary, or injuries. The team has been completely transformed since 2004 when Brian Dawkins, Hugh Douglas, and that guy named T.O. were on the field. It appears that Andy Reid will hand Kevin Kolb the keys in 2010.

And, what would the Donovan McNabb trade fiasco be without some national media bashing of Philadelphia?

Regardless of which side you sit on the McNabb fence you cannot deny what he's done as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.  He's the best quarterback in franchise history.  The numbers don't lie. However, you also can't deny that he's 1-4 in NFC Championship games and 0 for 1 in the Super Bowl. 

It's a quarterback-driven league and aside from the coach, he's the most integral part of the team and the organization.

McNabb photo from http://media.lehighvalleylive.com