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Sorry Philadelphia Eagles Fans, no Julius Peppers for you...thanks to the Chicago Bears


Well, it's that time of the year once again when Eagles fans get their hopes up about the Eagles front office acquiring one of those "big names" who they can bring in here to get the team over the proverbial hump.

Julius Peppers is the big name many Eagles fans have talked about. Now, just 18 hours into the NFL free agency period you can mark him off the list. soup nazi

Eagles fans, in the words of the Soup Nazi (well sort of) sorry to say it but NO JULIUS PEPPERS FOR YOU!

You can thank the Chicago Bears for that.  They reportedly have signed him to a $12 million per year deal, one which will pay him $40 million over the first three years of the deal.

According to Fox's Jay Glazer Peppers agreed to the deal, but  the deal isn't done yet, but that's what they said about Brian Dawkins last year and we know how that ended up.

But, let's not rag on the Eagles for doing nothing today.  They did sign Leonard Weaver to a 3-year contract extension. While their defense was in shambles last year it's good to see them being agressive in keeping their offense intact.

Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe the Eagles can sign....uhm....some no-name to help their horrid pass rush improve.

Julius Peppers was head and shoulders better than any defensive end on the free agent market and the Eagles missed the boat. 

Now, let's wait and hear what their scripted excuse will be for not landing him.  My guess will be that they blame this on the impending labor dispute between NFL owners and the Player's Association.