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Philadelphia Eagles spit in DeSean Jackson's face with Avant signing


Philly2Philly.com would like to issue the following statement regarding the following article:

While the Eagles can potentially work out a new deal with DeSean Jackson, their options are severely limited. With the uncapped year looming, there are vast issues that a situation like this can cause with any future salary cap.  On top of that, the "30% rule" makes it nearly impossible to sign Jackson in that he would unlikely sign an extension for just a 30% increase.

Jason Avant, a restricted free agent was much easier to sign given the circumstances unlike Jackson who is under contract.

Philly2Philly.com staff 


Once again, the Philadelphia Eagles are having a horrid start to the offseason.  In fact, this might be their worst offseason since 2005 just after losing the Super Bowl. Besides deactivating Terrell Owens in November, their biggest transaction was signing backup quarterback Mike McMahon.Will DeSean Jackson be cathcing balls somewhere else in the next few years? Photo: http://blog.pennlive.com/pasports/2008/09/large_deseanjackson.jpg

Yesterday they continued their antics by virtually spitting in DeSean Jackson's face. How you ask? By signing Jason Avant to a contract extension!

The message this basically sends to the fans and Jackson is that the Eagles are more concerned with locking up their middle-of-the-road players like Weaver and Avant on the cheap.  Why bother trying to lock up Jackson for a long-term deal when they might have to fork over $20 million in a bonus?

It's almost laughable how the Eagles have become a comedy of errors in Philadelphia.  They have the national media in their pocket so they think anybody critical of the organization is just a negative fan.  I'm certain to get hate mail over this article, but I'm more concerned with telling you like it is then telling you want you want to hear (i.e. national media types and Banner-Reid loyalists).

Let's make one thing clear here.  If Jackson doesn't get a contract extension he will hold out of camp and perhaps sit out the season.  The Howard Eskins of the world will tell you that ultimately the organization has the upperhand, but at what point do you have to stick to your principles at the risk of turning away your top tier talent?

Even if Jackson holds out and comes back, he'll be disgruntled.  And, let's take it further.  He may just decide to go sign somewhere else, with a team more committed to winning a championship.

Because face it, what have the Eagles done in the past two years to really try and get over the hump?

They are light years away from the likes of the Saints and Colts.  And, their mediocre defense has more holes than a block of swiss cheese.

However, don't expect things to get out of hand like they did with Owens, despite Drew Rosenhaus representing Jackson.