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The Wild and Wacky for the Phillies and Flyers on Broad Street this weekend


If you would have told me when the weekend started that Cole Hamels would revert back to his 2008 form against the Marlins, the Phillies would Cole Hamels pitched great, but not great enough Sunday against Florida.score only one run over the span of two games, and that Dan Carcillo  would score a game-winning overtime goal against the Devils, chances are you had a pretty damn good crystal ball.

The unthinkable and the improbable happened over this wild and wacky weekend on Broad Street for the Phillies and Flyers. One team (Flyers) ended the weekend victorious and now carry a possible momentum swing in its playoff series. The other team (Phillies) was not so lucky, as more injuries and questions marks loom over them despite their impressive start. While it is only one game, the fact that Hamels had his sharpest outing against a much better team than the Nationals is encouraging. However, Hamels did show signs of brilliance last year against teams like the Dodgers and Giants, so let's not (fill in the blank- as Winston Wolf would say in Pulp Fiction) just yet.

Nobody expected the Phils to have the whooping sticks at full throttle for all 162 games. However, Raul Ibanez continues to struggle mightily, and so far the bench (with the exception of Juan Castro) hasn't looked all that sharp, either. Add their pitching woes to the mix and Ruben Amaro could have some serious issues on his hands. I understand he acquired Roy Halladay  but Amaro didn't seem to worry a whole lot about the rest of the staff. I'm not trying to sit here and play "Armchair GM" because you can't predict some of the injuries this team has faced in the early going, but was anyone REALLY comfortable with these starters despite their success this spring? Just sayin'. Hopefully it's early, and the Phillies can get these injuries out of the way now as opposed to the fall. And for the last time, Pedro Martinez is NOT the answer. And how about Tampa Bay beating up on the Red Sox like it's 2008.

Now to the Flyers. Maybe they will advance to the second round, maybe they won't even win another game this series. However, you have to have a warm and fuzzy feeling anytime you can stick it to New Jersey and have Dan Carcillo score the winning goal. The SAME Carcillo who spent a total of seven minutes on the ice Sunday. This is almost equivilant to Shawn Antoski winning you a Stanley Cup with a blue line slap shot. Speaking of Antoski, did you know he was actually drafted AHEAD of Devils goalie Martin Brodeur? I wouldn't lie about that. Anyhow, despite the Flyers taking a 2-1 lead in this series, 1995 and 2000 are still bad memories, and I won't get carried away if the Flyers are lucky to go up 3-1 in THIS series...............

For some reason, the Flyers seem to have Brodeur's number this season. To his credit, Brodeur played an amazing game (stopping 31 shots on goal), but Carcillo was at the right place at the right time (I never thought I'd ever say THAT). We'll see if the orange and black can carry this momentum into Game Four Tuesday night.

Man oh man. Boucher vs Brodeur, Rick Tocchett on Flyers Post Game. Wild and wacky, indeed.

Let the good times roll, at least for now.

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Hamels photo: Joe Vallee Sr. josephv985@aol.com