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Donovan McNabb & Terrell Owens Together Again?


"Break up to make up, that's all we do...Ah the good old days. If you blinked, you missed it.
First you love me then you hate me,
That's a game for fools..."

Well shiver me timbers and blow me down, but are Donovan McNabb  and Terrell Owens about to have a Love Connection, Part Deux?

If you believe the reports that are currently "out there" then yes, these two kids may just end up together again.  And, we may see Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens together when the Redskins come to The Linc in October.

How sweet...

According to a team source (the janitor?) the Redskins have made upgrading their wide receiver position a high priority, but would rather not bring Owens into their locker room if another solution can be found. I love the ambiguity of the phrase "another solution."

"You say it's me who argues, I'll say it's you...
We have got to get together or baby, we're through

By now you all know about the infamous play during a 2004 game in November at Giants Stadium, when Owens finally said something to McNabb - after a play that was intended for Owens turned into an incomplete pass.

Owens reportedly said, "I was open. Dude, you missed me."

McNabb's reply, according to Owens, was "shut the [bleep] up."

Owens wrote in his book that he was deeply offended by what McNabb said. I know, I know.. I am crying for TO right now...

"I felt like he had no right to talk to me that way," Owens wrote. "After what happened on the play and in the huddle, I began to think that maybe he didn't want a co-host and maybe he didn't like me getting more attention."

There could be some truth to this. For five years in Philadelphia, McNabb was considered "The Man." Emphasizing this himself in his famous "I'm the Captain of this Ship" speech. It's moments like these where McNabb can be almost classified as an enigma. He lobbied for Owens himself after the Eagles' embarrassing loss to Carolina in the 2004 NFC Championship Game. However, when he became his teammate, did he get sick of him? Was it ego?  Can you imagine Dr. J saying something about a captain and a ship during the Sixers 1982-83 championship run after the Sixers acquired Moses Malone?  The summer of '05. Man, what a circus that was. Photo: http://thephillyphour.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/owens2.jpg

It gets better. After a TO salary holdout, a few hundred situps, and a suspension later, McNabb claimed at the 2006 Super Bowl (when speaking with ESPN's Michael Smith) that what Owens did to him amounted to "black-on-black" crime.

But it is what else McNabb said to Smith that truly caused a riff in the locker room...

"It put something in the back of my mind that you really learn a lot about people when things aren't going good," McNabb told Smith. "Comments, answers to questions, reactions -- you learn about people. I'm not here to call players out. They know who they are. That nobody really came to my defense, that showed me something." 

Several Eagles have gone on and off-record stating that the whole 2005 season was a nightmare because of TO. Then you see others coming to Owens' defense.  Who is the real enemy here? Who knows?  In the end, Owens got his money, and he has reportedly kissed and made up at one point with McNabb. That's a beautiful thing. It really is. Everyone loves a happy ending. Especially when a potential dynasty got dismantled before our very eyes because of bunch of spoiled millionaires didn't like each other.  NOBODY won in the Eagles' "Lost Season of 2005." Not the Eagles, not McNabb, and certainly not Owens. 

"Break up to make up, that's all we do...
First you love me then you hate me,
That's a game for fools..."

Game on boys... game on.

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