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Eagles draft Daniel Te'o-Nesheim after playing NFL Draft Hot Potato last night


The Eagles  played the equivalent of hot potato last night during Day Two of the 2010 NFL Draft. After choosing Nate Allen with their second round pick-the one they received for Donovan McNabb, they made a slew of trades.Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. Photo:http://www.huskyherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Teo.jpg

Andy Reid was making moves like "Trader" Jack McKeon  last night. Ultimately, he ended up drafting Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, a defensive end from Washington. Unless you're a hardcore College Football junkie, you probably never even heard of him. Surely many will bash the selection, but the reality is nobody knows who will be a star in this league until the games are played.

The NFL Draft  is a bigger crapshoot than blackjack. If you hit on 50% of your selections, then you're doing "well" according to NFL scouts.

At any rate, here's the series of trades Andy and Howie made last night that resulted in their drafting of Daniel Te'o-Nesheim  with the 86th pick.

Follow along with me here. They traded out of the 55th slot three times last night and moved down to the 86th pick in the third round. They went into last night possessing two second round picks and zero third round picks. After choosing Allen, the duo of Andy Reid and Howie Roseman shipped the 55th pick in the 2nd round to the Cowboys in exchange for the 59th selection. Then they sent that pick to the Browns for the 71st. Finally, they traded that pick to Green Bay for the 86th pick and drafted Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. And, they ended up with an extra 4th and 5th rounder after these three trades.

Now, just who is Daniel Te'o-Nesheim you might ask? He's a 6 foot 4, 263 pound defensive end who is praised for having a hard work ethic. He was picked right about where he should've been so he's not a reach. He gets a fair amount of sacks, having recorded 8 sacks in 2007 and 2008. He had 9 sacks in 2009 to go along with 1 forced fumble and 34 tackes.

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Photo of Te'o-Nesheim from http://www.huskyherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Teo.jpg