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Philadelphia Eagles Wild 2010 NFL Draft: No Offensive Linemen or Defensive Tackles Drafted


Heading into the 2010 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles had to make some upgrades on defense.  Several trades and five draft picks later, they added five players to their andy reid 2010 draftdefense having spent their first five picks on defense.  What is shocking is that the Eagles didn't just focus heavily on defense in the 2010 NFL Draft-they didn't choose one offensive lineman in this draft.  It was certainly one for the ages for the Eagles in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Day one of the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL Draft:

First, on Thursday night, the Eagles traded both of their third round picks so they could trade up from 24th to 13th to select defensive end Brandon Graham of Michigan.

Day Two of the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL Draft:

Things got wild on Friday night after they drafted Nate Allen, the safety from South Florida.  They traded down from their second of two 2nd round picks not once, not twice, but three times.  Ultimately they ended up drafting defensive end Daniel Te'o-Nesheim from Washington.

Day Three of the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL Draft:

On day three of the NFL Draft, the Eagles had ten total selections and they focused heavily on the defensive side of the ball where they need most help. Their first pick in the 4th round was spent on cornerback Trevard Lindley from Kentucky.  They followed it up by selecting linebacker Keenan Clayton out of Oklahoma.  And, then finally after selecting five straight defensive players (for the whole draft) they picked an offensive player . Only it wasn't an offensive linemen.  They chose quarterback Mike Kafka of Northwestern.  And, then Andy Reid and Howie Roseman followed up by making tight end Clay Harbor of Missouri State their fourth and final 4th round selection.

They had two picks in the 5th round and spent them on athletic linebacker Ricky Sapp out of Clemson and wide receiver Riley Cooper from Florida.

The Eagles spent their 6th round pick on running back Charles Scott out of LSU.  Finally in round 7, they spent their picks on Jamar Chaney-a linebacker from Mississippi State, defensive tackle Jeff Owens from Georgia, and Kurt Coleman, a safety from Ohio State.

The Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL Draft will go down as one in the books for trades and the fact that Andy Reid didn't draft an offensive linemen or a defensive tackle. We're talking about a team that generally spends multiple picks on offensive linemen or defensive tackles.  When you look at the Eagles NFL Draft history under Andy Reid he's always found a way to draft an offensive linemen or a defensive tackle in almost every draft, except for 2001 when they possessed just six total picks.  There were only two drafts when they didn't choose an offensive linemen:  2001 and 2007.  Andy Reid believes you build a team on both the offensive and defensive lines.

Either he's that confident in his current stable of players on the D-line and O-line or he's that desperate to upgrade his defense. 

Take your pick. 

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