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Philadelphia Eagles defy logic by trading Donovan McNabb to division rival Redskins


The Kevin Kolb era began in Philadelphia at roughly 8:30 PM tonight when the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins. mcnabb cowboys

The Eagles in shocking fashion traded Donovan McNabb to their division rival for a 2nd round pick and a conditional 3rd or 4th round pick next year.

Derrick Gunn was on Comcast tonight and openly stated how many Eagles players were digusted about the McNabb Redskins trade on the basis of trading him to a division rival.

You really have to wonder what this team is thinking anymore.  Defensively they are a shell of their former selves.  So what did they do? They traded one of their best defensive players (Sheldon Brown) in a deal for mid-round draft picks.

And, while many of us can agree that Kevin Kolb should be handed the reigns, it's insane for them to deal McNabb to a division rival.  It would make sense if the Redskins were dangling a first round pick.  Then it would be a deal you cannot say "no" to.

The initial reaction of the fans will tell you that the McNabb Redskins trade is not being very well received. On the popular Eagles message board Igglephans.com the general consensus is not one of joy. 

I'm not about to say the Eagles will become the new Detroit Lions but they are making some very puzzling moves.  And, they had better hope they defy statistical draft odds get more than 50% of these picks "right."

The reality is, Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and Howie Roseman control the destiny of the beloved Eagles.  There is nothing any of us can do about it.  We have to accept that #5 will go up against the Eagles twice a year now in red and gold.

Who would have predicted this would happen?

McNabb photo from http://media.lehighvalleylive.com