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The Eagles trade of Donovan McNabb from the perspective of a Philly sports fan


So much for this being a business and personal feelings get set aside for the good of the team. Get used to seeing this jersey. Photo: http://www.nflshop.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4053577&cp=2237409.2237521&pageType=family&parentPage=family


I dont recall the Eagles bending over ass backwards to please Brian Dawkins. I know Joe (Banner), you "tried to reach him on his phone but was unable to..." or some crap that you tried to sell us two years ago. Please, spare me.

We are reminded constantly that sports is a business. We were just reminded of that fact a few weeks ago when one Brian Westbrook was ceremoniously cast aside, were we not?

Well when you're a major organization in a major sports league and you go out of your way to placate an outgoing star just for the sake of placating him and keeping him happy... you're setting a very dangerous precedent.

Donovan McNabb  didn't want to go to Buffalo or Oakland. Well boo-freakin' hoo. If a better deal could have been had by either of those teams or ANY other team, then you make that deal. Period. You want to console Donovan for trading him to Oakland or Buffalo, fine by my guest. Take him to dinner. Tell him it looks like he's losing weight. Tell him all the great things about Oakland or Buffalo. Not an easy to thing to do by the way.

But they cannot (of course they CAN and they DO) sit in front of a packed room full of media types and tell the world football's a tough business and sometimes tough decisions have to be made... then out of the other side of their mouth tell their current, soon-to-be-ex quarterback that they'll "take care of him..."

mcnabb pukingThe bottom line is this is the Philadelphia Eagles we're talking about. This is an organization that's run by a group of individuals who play by their own rules and tell the rest of the world 'thanks but no thanks, we know what we're doing. You have your rules and we have ours."

For the record I was in total favor of trading Donovan McNabb. I, like many of you, grew tired of watching him not rise to the level that's required to win in the playoffs. You can only read the same book so many times over and over again. The ending may have been exciting the first couple times you read it but sooner or later, the once exciting ending becomes all-too-predictable.

It's time to rewrite the ending by starting with a new beginning.

Man, that was deep. And to think I don't even drink... alcohol that is.

Coffee? Now that's another story.

To calm down Steve Olenski, or to just tell him that everything is going to be alright, you can contact him at solenski@philly2philly.com