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Donovan McNabb's Press Conference: Same old Non-Controversial Donovan


If you had the pleasure of listening to the Donovan McNabb press conference today, then you were treated to the same ole Donovan McNabb.  He learned well from his mcnabb redskinsmentor and coach Andy Reid over the years that you don't really have to say anything in press conferences.  Just be sure not to offend or say anything controversial.

McNabb gave his first press conference as a member of the Washington Redskins and said all the right things, but in true McNabb fashion didn't say anything of real substance, which was his M.O. in Philly.  Sure there were the times when he didn't take the criticism well, but most of the time he didn't say much of anything.  And, we in Philly love when our players and coaches give us soundbites.  Would you rather hear McNabb saying it's "tough to lose" and how he'd like to "finish what he started' or Ray Rhodes equating a loss to someone coming in and sodomizing your wife and kids and dropping a few Fbombs?  

The BS moment of the press conference occurred when McNabb said he was happy to come to a winning organization.  Since when is a team that has two winning seasons it's the past 10 years classified as a "winning organization"?  I know you have to praise the team you're coming to, but that's just pure fluff and BS. 

One of the few "moments" I took from the press conference is when he compared his situation to that of Brian Dawkins and stated that anybody is "replaceable."

He didn't bash the Philadelphia fans who supported him the past eleven seasons. In fact he said "thank you" to the Eagles fans who supported him through thick and thin.  He even took a light-hearted shot at Andy Reid by saying they'll actually run the ball in Washington. 

Ultimately, Donovan was Donovan today.   Nothing more, nothing less.