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Michael Vick's Birthday Nightclub Shooting Shows He's Same Old Vick


Nearly a year after the Philadelphia Eagles organization brought Michael Vick back into the NFL, they are suffering quite a PR headache. Of course I'm talking michael vick courtabout Michael Vick's birthday party, which morphed into a shooting early Friday morning.

There are those who buy into the theory that Andy Reid took a shot on Vick because of his experiences with his sons and wanted to give him a second chance.  This is part of  the reason and the other part has to do with the social aspect.  Many in the media feel that this was a social experiment by the Eagles to show the public they can help rehabilitate an athlete involved in horrendous crimes.  And, thus reap the PR rewards when he would become a "changed man."

This brings us to Michael Vick's birthday party at Guadalajara at Town Center in Virginia beach.  This is a "brilliant" idea by Vick especially considering every move he makes is under the watchful eye of Commissioner Goodell and authorities. If he does in fact want to become a changed man, then why in the world would he even consider putting himself out there like this? What's next? Is NFL Odds going to allow you to bet on Vick getting into trouble again?

Even though he left after the cake-throwing incident, the more disturbing aspect is that one of his cronies from his dog-fighting days (Quanis Phillips) was the one who ended up getting shot!  Let's not forget that Phillips was a co-defendent in the dog fighting trial and Vick is not supposed to be anyway near this individual. 

This incident just goes to show that Michael Vick hasn't changed.  He's still going to put himself out there as they say and make dumb decisions.  Therefore, that puts the Philadelphia Eagles organization out there. Vick talks a good game to kids, but with this latest action he's talking about of both sides of his mouth.

Andy Reid and company are best off cutting ties with Michael Vick ASAP.  Will they be without a quality back-up quarterback? Yes, but this team has proven that they can make moves during the summer when they have to (i.e. Antonio Freeman in 2002, Trotter in 2004, Donte Stallworth in 2006, and many more).  Don't be surprised to see the Eagles cut ties with Vick and make a move for a veteran back-up QB who won't cast a black eye upon their organization.

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