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The Philadelphia Eagles Must Cut Ties With Michael Vick Now That He Can't Leave PA


The Philadelphia Eagles have been extremely agressive this offseason in rebuilding their franchise. One could argue it's their most aggressive offseason since 2004 when they put all their chips in and "went for it."

The moves they made this offseason were great. They stockpiled draftpicks, moved up and down the board, and loaded up on the defensive side of the ball, which desperately needed to be reloaded.

Donovan McNabb is the most successful QB in franchise history, but it was clear that they had to move on when the team imploded against Dallas in the final game of the regular season and in their playoff matchup. 

Now that they have handed the reigns over to Kevin Kolb to see if he can gel with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, and LeSean McCoy. It's an exciting time for the franchise because we can watch these youngsters grow together.

There is one big albatross which is hanging over this team like a foul-smelling odor and that's Michael Vick. News came out today that he's not allowed to leave the state of PA following the birthday party shooting in Virginia Beach. Probation officials are barring him from leaving the state. This is just the latest media fiasco for the Eagles involving Vick.

Let's not forget that he got a free pass from law enforcement officials who wouldn't charge anybody due to lack of cooperation. In other words, the victim or Vick's cronies aren't talking.  There is a theory out there that Marcus Vick was the shooter. Added to that, Vick's lawyer lied to the Eagles and the media when he originally stated that Vick left a half hour before the shooting. The video footage showed that he left a few minutes prior to the altercation.

Now that Vick potentially violated his parole, it could impede his ability to play on the road this season.  But, really do you want this guy on your team at this point? He is turning into a massive headache for the franchise. 

And, argue all you want, but the "Wild Cat" was a joke last year. Rarely did the Wild Cat produce a big play during the regular season. For the majority of the time, the play would blow up and result in a two or three-yard gain. Ultimately, Vick had 24 rushing attempts for a measley 95 yards last season, good for 4.0 yards a carry. 34 of those yards came on one play, so if you take that away, he had 23 attempts for 61 yards, which amounts to less than 3 yards per attempt! In other words, he was pathetic. He had two rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown though, but clearly the Wild Cat was a bust. The numbers don't lie.

Michael Vick's one huge play came in a blowout loss to Dallas when he tossed a 76-yard TD to J Mac. 

Is it really worth the PR mess just so you can plug Vick into the game for 3-yard gains? Andy Reid and Joe Banner need to do the right thing for the Eagles franchise and cut ties immediately. Then they can find a veteran QB out there who they can plug in at backup.  We have seen over the years just how capable the Eagles are at finding veteran help during training camp. 

Whether or not Vick ultimately can leave PA during regular season isn't my point. Could he ultimately be allowed to travel outside of PA? Sure. The bottom line is this leopard won't change his spots and media fiascos will only continue. 

The last thing this franchise needs is a lingering public relations nightmare when they are rebuilding. Kevin Kolb and his teammates deserve to start from a clean slate with as few distractions as possible.

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