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Yankees' Possible Acquisition of Cliff Lee Makes Them More Sickening Than LeBron James



Dennis' take:

Last night, we bore witness to the death of sports as we know it. 

Lebron James' sickening self-indulgent display on ESPN  marked the end of innocence for sports in America.  What Lebron James did last night in turning NBA free agency into a reality TV show has forever changed sports.

And, he did at the expense of loyal Cleveland Cavaliers fans who have been kicked in the groin so many times it's not even funny.  It's one thing for Lebron James to choose the Miami Heat because he feels more comfortable with them and wants to win there.  But, for him to make it a theatrical presentation is a joke.

As if last night's disgusting display wasn't bad enough we have the Yankees who are about to deliver a roundhouse kick in the you-know-where to Philadelphia Phillies fans across the Delaware Valley and South Jersey region.

Not if, but when they do acquire Cliff Lee  it will mark the end of the Phillies as we know it.  The Phillies were rumored to have been "interested" in re-acquiring Lee to go for it one more time this year.  Now, Lee is likely out of play.

And, it gets uglier.  The Yankees are rumored to be after Jayson Werth.  And, if this goes down you can bet most of the goodwill the Phillies built up in 2008 will be flushed down the toilet.

Joe's take:

First off, LeBron James is a hypocrite.

In today's world in general let alone sports, someone's "word" means nothing and that's a real shame. I know I have to be realistic here, but James has gone on record in recent years emphasizing his desire to bring a championship to Cleveland.

Yeah, sure. Who are you kidding? He has NO loyalty. From wearing a Yankees cap at an Indians playoff game to saying you never rooted for the Cavs while growing george steinbrennerup and that you rooted for the Bulls instead. Hey when I was growing up, the Sixers, like the Cavs, were pretty good, and then they sucked as well. However, I never jumped ship on my team when the chips were down. Dan Gilbert is right. I haven't really seen an outburst like that from an owner this side of George Steinbrenner, but let's face it: the guy just lost his ENTIRE franchise, and had to watch it on television just like us. Talk about insulting.  I hope I never have to have it on my conscience that I sank the hopes of an entire city.

I couldn't agree more as far as Lee is concerned. I'm more from the school of that they never should have let him go as opposed to whether they should bring him back now (more on that later). It's one thing for the Phillies to tell their fans that they couldn't afford Lee for 2010 after the money this franchise has made over the last three years, but even putting yourselves in a position to have him possibly traded to the team he beat twice in last year's World Series while wearing Phillies pinstripes is exactly that: a kick in the you-know-where.

Yes, I realize I haven't seen their books up close and personal, but to sell us on that nonsense and then pay Joe Blanton $7 million for 2010 as part of his three-year deal? Unreal. Moreover, the fact that the Phillies so desperately need a number three starter and they are willing to trade Werth for this in exchange for Javier Vasquez? To the Yankees? Who would be getting an All-Star outfielder AND Lee from the Mariners? Just give them the World Series now! They already beat the Phils last November anyway. Let them go back-to-back. You know, what we tried to do last year and couldn't? The Yankees are the anti-Christ. They are singlehandedly the main reason why I am losing interest in sports. If we had a commissioner who had half of a brain, he would institute a salary cap. This is just embarrassing.

My head is spinning over how assanine this whole fiasco could turn out.

1. If the Phils even kept Lee this year and lost him to free agency, they still would have been awarded two compensatory draft picks- which would have been better than the bag of baseballs they got for Lee in December.

2. If the Phils still had Lee, they could trade Werth for back of the bull pen help instead of a number three starter. Memo to the Phillies front office (and I address this to them because Ruben Amaro clearly is a puppet like Ed Wade was): If you watched the game Thursday night, you'd realize that neither your setup man OR closer can finish games.

The Phillies win in spite of themselves. You see nonsense like this possibly unravelling right before your very eyes and it makes you realize how special and improbable 2008 REALLY was.