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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 1


About a month ago I posted my first NFL Power Rankings for the 2010 season. It was of course a preseason version and I obviously had little to go by in creating my list. As per the norm, I only included the Top 10 as I will every week.

In case you're wondering, I've explained this before but will again for the benefit of those new to my ways and means. I only list the Top 10 because no one gives a damn about Team 11 or Team 19 or Team 32.

If your team doesn't make it into the Top 10 on a given week and you think they should, by all means, tell me. But tell me why. Bring something to the table. Put some fire in the belly and make your case for your team. Otherwise don't waste my time.

1. Packers:  I know last time around I had the Colts #1 but something inside of me tells me the Pack is back and they will be here (#1) after Week 1, too. (Hint: Eagles fans)

2. Colts: Tough one right out of the chute in Houston.

3. Ravens: See comment above and replace Houston with the Jets.

4. Chargers: My pick to win it all the Bolts are in KC where the Chiefs will hang around for a while...

5. Jets: Revis is back. The Jets are loaded. Coach Rex Ryan curses. And your point?

6. Saints: Will be thoroughly impressed if this team can keep their focus for 16 weeks.

7. Vikings: Losing Sydney Rice hurts... a lot.

8. Bengals: Which one is Shrek and which one is Donkey? I can never keep that straight.

9. Cowboys: Did you really think Donovan McNabb would not play in this game?

10. Patriots:  Tom Brady unhurt in car accident then signs extension... all is well in Foxboro, right Randy?

If you agree or disagree with Steve O's Power Rankings, drop him a line at solenski@philly2philly.com